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13 Nov 2006

Some Thoughts for Today.

Written by sally @ 9:01 pm — Section: Uncategorized

— I made stuffed manicotti for dinner, which I ate about an hour and a half ago, and I just reached up to scratch my neck and found some dried-on sauce stuck there. People: I am just not the type of person who typically gets sauce on her neck.

— I was doing pretty good with my monthly lists, over on the sidebar under Vegetables, until October happened. Then I sort of forgot about that project all together, but I’ve picked back up with November.

— Talent show: I have no talent. I have mentioned this before. However, this has not stopped me from trying to think of something in case something bizarre happens and we are all forced to participate (this is not totally unlikely). The only thing I can come up with is writing backwards. Personally, I think this is kind of awesome! There is a whiteboard in our conference room (where the show will go on) and I could stand there and showcase my talent of being able to write backwards as quickly as someone from the audience was writing forward! Doesn’t that sound, like, 17% entertaining? However, EVERY SINGLE PERSON I have mentioned this to reacted this way: “Hmm. Maybe I can help you think of something better.”

I was talking to my mother last night about it, and she suggested that I play a record and the stand there and beat a tambourine at key moments. Um. I challenged her to come up with a displayable talent herself and she had to admit that she had none.

About 30 minutes later she called back.

Mom: I have a talent! I thought of my talent!
Sally: What is it?
Mom: I can play my ukelele!
Sally: Too bad I stepped on your ukelele in 1985.
Mom: Well, I could find another ukelele and play it.
Sally: What is your one song again?
Mom: Sloop John B.
Sally: Lord.

— Speaking of the Beach Boys, I once had a dream that I went to a Beach Boys concert in 1965, and wanted to request that they play songs from Pet Sounds, but it hadn’t come out yet.

5 Responses to “Some Thoughts for Today.”

  1. tlg said:

    Perhaps you could do what Andy Kaufman once did and lip synch the Mighty Mouse theme?

  2. gorjus said:

    YEAH!! That actually sounds kind of awesome, but I bet nobody would get it. You know, as comedy or homage.

    And . . . why don’t you tell us about your other dream?

  3. beth said:

    Is there a secret dream you had that Gorjus knows about? HM??

  4. sally said:

    I had a dream about Borat. I made the mistake of telling Gorjus yesterday. END OF STORY.

  5. liz said:

    I would still rather see the talent show of sheet folding and backwards writing than singing and tap dancing.