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29 Oct 2006

Why I Love the Internet.

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Formula for success:

This comment from Melinda:
My fave costume I’ve ever done doesn’t involve any of the elements you listed, but I bet you’ve got most of what you’d need for it. It’s for a couple, so your other half would need be involved. The scene is as follows: He wears a suit or jacket/tie combo and carries balloons and flowers. You wear your bathrobe, a shower cap, slippers, and carry a huge posterboard check made out for a cool 50 million. Voila: you are the Publisher’s Clearinghouse!


This comment from Liz:
I’m stealing the Publisher’s Clearinghouse idea.



4 Responses to “Why I Love the Internet.”

  1. Frenchie said:

    that is the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen. it makes me wish I were part of a couple, just so I could use that costume.

  2. melinda said:


  3. beth said:

    Oh my god that’s awesome!! I actually must admit I brought this idea home to my significant other as well after reading your comment, Melinda… but because of lack of creativity and drive we did not do it. But I am so glad Liz did! And I think they pulled it off far better than I ever could have.

    What’s your name, Liz? Hockney Jobson?

  4. liz said:

    Ha! The internet truly is wonderous. My name is Hurkey Jobson. It’s an old joke from about 3 years ago when Abby sent me one of those “get to know your friends” surveys and one of the questions was what you planned to name your future children. Thus, Hurkey Jobson and her brother Lobo Steel were born.