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25 Oct 2006

Diagnosis Needed!

Written by sally @ 7:43 am — Section: sally

I’ll be out of town until Friday afternoon, but until then, can y’all think of a reason Larry would start sneezing every night around midnight? I change the sheets religiously every week and last weekend I vacuumed every inch of the house, including under the beds. (He had two sneeze-free nights in a row after I vacuumed.) I can’t figure out what it is that Larry’s allergic to, or why the allergicness hits him at midnight every night. I would guess it’s the cat, but the cat has lived here for a year and Larry’s midnight sneezing parties started about a month ago (and when Larry gets up to sleep on the couch, the cat follows him and sleeps on him there.) Suggestions?

7 Responses to “Diagnosis Needed!”

  1. Christy said:

    One of those fancy HEPA filter thingies?

  2. larry ferrari said:

    I just know Pete is trying to steal my breath to have Sally all to himself.

  3. vendela said:

    larry’s only pretending to start sneezing in his sleep. he’s got you on MTV’s Boiling Point, and there are hidden cameras ALL OVER your house. i heard him telling Herman all about it on the phone. And they were laughing at you.

  4. vendela said:

    Can’t you please come home tomorrow?

  5. Frenchie said:

    have you changed detergents? is there something in the pillow that he’s allergic to?

  6. larry ferrari said:

    Sally goes right back to sleep. I am the one up for three hours after I wake up. Usually about the time I get back to sleep is 15-minutes before Lulu starts clawing at me to go outside and pee. I am not complaining, because that is a great time to catch up on old episodes of Night Rider and Gunsmoke.

    I am thinking about getting a HEPA filter for each nostril.

  7. craige said:

    I was sneezing periodically during the day for nearly a year before I finally went to an allergist. She told me that it’s possible to have lowered my immune system during a regular sickness, which allowed cat allergens to get in and sure enough, she did a test and I’m now, at age 31, allergic to cats. She also said that in all her years of diagnosing cat allergies, no one ever gave up the cat.