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23 Oct 2006

Don’t Mess with the Crap You Find at the Texas State Fair.

Written by sally @ 12:02 pm — Section: Uncategorized

You will be happy to know that my brother, aficianado of all things fried and/or horrible, recently tried fried Coke at the Texas State Fair.


Yes, that’s right: globs of fried Coke-flavored dough covered in syrup and whipped cream. If you fry it, they will come.

5 Responses to “Don’t Mess with the Crap You Find at the Texas State Fair.”

  1. poobou said:

    I’m sure it’s just the hormones talking, but that actually sounds pretty good.

  2. beth said:

    When I first saw this, my brain was abviously trying to make sense of it all, b/c I read that it was frozen coke. Which wouldn’t be weird at all. So I was wondering what you were yammering on about. But then I saw… FRIED… which.. well.

    Is Coke more popular in the South than Pepsi?

  3. larry ferrari said:

    Coke is king in the South. I have been told that Pepsi outsells Coke in most other parts of the country. But in the South they have to give Pepsi away to get people to drink it.

  4. bulb said:

    Coke is a big Atlanta based company. In sime fringes of the South it used to be RC with a moon Pie but we’re talking 40+ years ago.

    It’s also a generatioonal thing., More young people drink Pepsi; its formula is sweeter.

  5. down under said:

    When I was growing up in Raleigh Mississippi there was this one kid who would stand outside the general store and dance like Elvis and sing Blue Suede Shoes for R.C. colas and moon pies. I wonder if he is now a 40 year old still doing this and if it is still hilarious or just really sad or maybe both.