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22 Oct 2006

A Solicitation.

Written by sally @ 10:50 am — Section: sally

Larry and I are going to the Floon Twins’ first birthday party in a few weeks, and in classic Mrs. Floon fashion, it is also a Day of the Dead party. So there will be equal parts people-dressed-in-funny-famous-dead-people-costumes, and equal parts baby birthday party. The babies, not to be outdone, will potentially be dressed as Fred “Rerun” Berry and Don Knotts. (This has not been confirmed.)

Unlike some people, I do not have the perfect famous dead person idea at my fingertips. Larry, I have decided, is going to be Howard Hughes (long wig, pajamas, Kleenex boxes on feet, fake pee in a jar), but I haven’t decided on a costume. Gorjus has suggested I be Amelia Earhart or Joan of Arc, but I think they’re both too butch. There. I said it. Joan of Arc is butch.

Here are some of the items I have in my house that could be incorporated into a costume:
— tuxedo
— brownish-grey pageboy wig
— 70s Charlie’s Angels-esque wig, but it was actually my mom’s in the 70s and is sort of mashed
— coonskin cap
— elaborate beaded headscarf made for murder mystery party in which my character was named Mrs. Muhammad
— various fabric from previous costumes/projects
— many, many sets of iron-on letters
— sequins
— feathers
— hot glue

Some of the rules are: I don’t want to be ugly, I can’t be blonde, and I do not want to buy a pre-packaged costume. Any ideas?

13 Responses to “A Solicitation.”

  1. Mrs. Harridan said:

    My first thought once I saw you have a tuxedo was “Victor/Victoria.” Would that be too butch? Also thought of Katherine Hepburn, because didn’t she wear a tuxedo in something? She was certainly a famous pants-wearer when everyone was wearing dresses, and she was a lady friend of Howard Hughes (if you want that tie-in).
    The beaded headscarf and feathers beg to be made into a showgirl’s headdress, which could be completed with tights, a leotard, and a bedazzled sarong, but that might be more than you want to undertake.

    Hmm, those aren’t very good ideas – sorry. 🙁

  2. site admin said:

    I could be Victor/Victoria, but only if Julie Andrews were dead. I am all about wearing that tuxedo whenever possible. And I don’t mind dressing as a man, as long as I can wear a fake moustache.

    And y’all, I failed to mention that I have a floor-length royal blue velvet coat that is available for costumery.

  3. melinda said:

    My fave costume I’ve ever done doesn’t involve any of the elements you listed, but I bet you’ve got most of what you’d need for it. It’s for a couple, so your other half would need be involved. The scene is as follows: He wears a suit or jacket/tie combo and carries balloons and flowers. You wear your bathrobe, a shower cap, slippers, and carry a huge posterboard check made out for a cool 50 million. Voila: you are the Publisher’s Clearinghouse!

  4. sally said:

    Ok, that is an awesome costume! But it’s a Day of the Dead party, so I have to be a famous dead person. Is Ed McMahon dead?

  5. bulb said:

    3 ideas. 2 actresses and famous roles (but hopefullyu not cliches) and one high concept. I’ll send some image files via e-mail.

    Audrey Hepburn

    Avoid the Cliche’s esp. Breakfast at Tiffany’s, well the Holly Golightly thing not the farmgirl bride to Buddy Ebsen. But how about Jo Stockton in Funny Face, hot now in her two piece black thing (basically black turtleneck, black clacks and what looks like black slip ons for dancing-capezios?) as part of the iTunes ad. Or if weather threaens you could always do Reggie Lampert’s opening alpine gear from Charade. Just a brown coat, cool fur hat and black glasses if memory serves.

    Rosalind Russell
    Hildy Johnson
    You can also amuse/annoy people throughout the party with your witty clipped rapid fire banter!

    Her 40s clothes waver on the butch except for the nice hats.
    High Concept

    Rosie the Riveter

    Now if I could only figure out who played Marian the Librarian in the Music Man . . .

    Fresh off the wires: There’s always Jane Wyman

  6. bulb said:

    Oops. That was supposed to be Jane Wyatt from Father Knows Best” Not the Falconcrest Jane who knew best re: Ronnie Reagan.

  7. The Diplomat said:

    amelia is actually really effin hot, IMHO

  8. poobou said:

    Marian the Librarian was Shirley Jones (aka the mom in the Partridge Family). And I’m pretty sure she isn’t dead. Which sucks, because I love that idea.

  9. RD said:

    While not technically “dead,” it always dies–a Sea Monkey! We are rocking this for Halloween: pink t-shirt with well-placed painted scales, pink socks with painted flippers, headband with pink pipe cleaners and red puffballs on top, and a crown for the king sea monkey/tiara and necklace for the queen. While this seems like a lot of pink, have you ever seen a sea monkey costume at Halloween? Rock on. I will send pics.

  10. ceo said:

    If you re-think your non-blonde rule, you could be Dana Plato.

  11. Natasha Dylan said:

    How about Zelda Fitzgerald?

  12. vendela said:

    i love the dana plato idea! ahhh, ceo, i will forever remember the d.o.d. party where you went at flo jo. but what could you carry around that would suggest dana plato? a jar of noxema? a papier mache gary coleman?

    listen, retire the tux. what sally fails to mention is that it has high water tux pants. and she’s worn it every other halloween.

    i vote you join larry as howard hughes and be ava gardner. you get to be beautiful that way. could you work your mom’s wig into it?

    or you could go as tom cruise’s career.

  13. liz said:

    I’m stealing the Publisher’s Clearinghouse idea.

    My thought for you was Judy Garland…so many costume ideas to choose from. And if you can get your hair right and apply some red lipstick, you’re golden.