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20 Oct 2006

My Bologna.

Written by sally @ 4:16 pm — Section: sally

It should surprise no one that I grew up with a heavy dose of Weird Al in my life. In fact, I knew “My Bologna” way before I ever heard “My Sharona” (and only listen to “My Sharona” now when it comes on the radio so I can sing these lines: never gonna stop / eat it up / such a tasty snack / I always eat too much and throw up) and wondered what song “The Brady Bunch” was ripping off (it’s “Safety Dance,” btw).

There’s a paean to Weird Al in Slate today, with links to you-tubed videos. If you are a dork, you’ll love it.

4 Responses to “My Bologna.”

  1. Lesterhead said:

    Weird Al’s Even Worse was the very first tape I ever bought. I am proud of this.

  2. sally said:

    I think the first tape I ever bought was Hall and Oates’s Greatest Hits. I also clearly remember buying a 45 of some Barbra Streisand song and having to play it really low because my mother thought it was weird.

  3. craige said:

    The first tape I bought was called Slippery When Wet. I’m not even sure what band it was. INXS? I bought it because I didn’t own any tapes and I felt I’d better start having some and it was one of the prizes I could get for selling magazines.

  4. sally said:

    That’s Bon Jovi, baby! I love that you thought it was INXS.

    In other news, I wrote “slippery when wet” on a toilet seat with mascara once in 8th grade. I was having problems at home. Obviously.