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16 Oct 2006

A Professional Query.

Written by sally @ 2:49 pm — Section: sally

Has anyone ever had to fire someone? I’m asking for TOTALLY NO REASON WHATSOEVER.

5 Responses to “A Professional Query.”

  1. edward said:

    I’ve had to fire several people: one yelled at me, two people cried, and one guy punched the concrete floor over and over until his knuckles bled. (This was at KB Toys, in the stockroom; at least he didn’t bloody the carpet.) For weeks I thought that he might come back and shoot me, because he had that crazy look about him. He was worthless as an employee, but now that I think about it, I was 21 and probably had no business firing anyone. I’m sure that I wouldn’t have listened to me.

  2. beth said:

    I got laid off once. I can tell you how they did it.

  3. biz said:

    No… I have had a significant role in the firing of someone, but I didn’t have to do it. Thank god.

  4. biz said:

    Oh, yeah, I had my position eliminated due to a merger. I can tell you how not to handle a situation like that.

  5. ceo said:

    I have, both with glee and with regret.