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14 Oct 2006


Written by sally @ 10:17 am — Section: sally

While watching Numb3rs, the world’s nerdiest crime show:

Sally: That guy looks like a Bacon.
Larry: Is that your fancy name for pig?

3 Responses to “DORK$.”

  1. bulb said:

    Were you thinking the FBI guy who had been in the army or his former Army buddy and suspect?

  2. sally said:

    The FBI guy who’d been in the army. He has Kevin Bacon’s nose. This is one of Larry’s favorite shows, one that I mock the whole time it’s on. I keep telling him that they’re going to hire me to do commentary on the DVD.

  3. larry ferrari said:

    I wouldn’t call it a favorite. Okay, a guilty pleasure, but definitely not a favorite.