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13 Oct 2006


Written by sally @ 12:29 pm — Section: Uncategorized

So I was going to lunch today and as I turned into the parking lot, this dumb lady in a Jeep Liberty didn’t think she had to stop and therefore almost ran into me. I honked at her. You know, like people do to indicate DON’T CRASH YOUR JEEP LIBERTY INTO ME BECAUSE I HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY. We both pulled into the same area, and as I got out of my car I could feel her and her friend staring at me. We all marched along the sidewalk to the restaurant, me a few feet behind them, and she kept turning around to give me dirty looks. And then she did something that made my mouth drop open:

She kept pretending to scratch her back. With her middle finger.

This is by far the most awesome thing that has happened to me all week.

6 Responses to “Itchy.”

  1. beth said:


  2. sally said:

    She did!

  3. beth said:

    Did it not affect you viscerally, or did you really just find it amusing? Cause that’s the kind of thing that I’d say didn’t bother me, but which would stay with me for the rest of the day making me angry.

  4. sally said:

    Her surreptitiously giving me the finger didn’t make me mad, but the idea that she was mad at me because I honked at her made me mad. It makes me want to deliver a speech called WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE.

    I do think her method of giving me the finger is extremely funny, though. A grown woman wearing a business suit!

  5. poobou said:

    Oh, see, that would’ve just sent me into a white hot rage. I would’ve gotten all up in her grill for that.

  6. christy said:

    See, what really happened is that you drove into a wormhole, thereby time warping yourselves into seventh grade. So yeah, that’s pretty awesome.