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12 Oct 2006

Poor Nameless Slob.

Written by sally @ 11:14 pm — Section: sally

My mom found this nice cat, which she has called Fred, Fritz, Muffin, Carlos, Murphy, Beauregard, Lt. Dan, and now Tigger, but I think he looks exactly like Mary-Louise Parker:


4 Responses to “Poor Nameless Slob.”

  1. mix said:

    Yeah. He/she’s got the eyes of Mary Louise. They’re bewitching!

  2. Frenchie said:

    He’s not chesty enough to be M-L Parker, though.

    (Does the little boxes song play when he uses the litter box?)

  3. beth said:

    I saw Mary Louise Parker in the park last weekend. She had a baby.

  4. sally said:

    At the park? That must have been an amazing sight! Did the baby look like Tigger?