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30 Jul 2006

Oh, Pete.

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7 Responses to “Oh, Pete.”

  1. gclark said:

    looks like his mind is on his money. and his money? on his mind.

    and a little fat.

  2. sally said:

    He does look like he should have a 40-oz. in one paw.

  3. mix said:

    And he needs a poker hat. And a cigar hanging out of his mouth.

  4. larry ferrari said:

    PANTS! He really needs pants. He walks around the house with his junk all-up-side our bed and all-up in our faces. Modesty is not Pete’s forte.

  5. corie said:

    Dang, yo. Pete’s getting big.

  6. sally said:

    Pete is a hog. And he just had his first birthday!

  7. vendela said:

    dear Pete,

    when i was in new orleans, i saw this spray painted on the back of what was left of a katrina-flattened grocery store:


    did you fall for it, Pete? well, did you?

    love, Vendela