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27 Jul 2006

Also, Project Runway is Rad.

Written by sally @ 10:04 am — Section: Uncategorized

I have a new theory about Project Runway. Whoever wins the first challenge TURNS OUT TO BE A GIANT DICK.

Also, I thought last night’s challenge was particularly awesome — way better (and potentially more humiliating) than the Barbie challenge on Season 2.

Also, did you notice that we hardly saw certain contestants’ clothes? First of all, each time Bonnie Rodriguez comes on the screen I say out loud, I have never seen that person before. And what did she design? What the hell did Michael design?

Also, someone’s top looked just like Daniel Vosovic’s orchid top last season.

Also, the scene where Vincent laughs maniacally to himself for several minutes was priceless.

Also, Alison is my new girlfriend.

Also, Angela’s tutu made several appearances last night! On her own body AND ON HER MODEL’S.

Also, I think that is all.

13 Responses to “Also, Project Runway is Rad.”

  1. vendela said:

    i’m sorry. but bradley’s outfit looked like something i would have made in 9th grade home ec if i were an LSU fan. and they yacked at keith for not making an outfit for his dog but said NOTHING about the fact that bradley tied a ribbon around his dog’s neck. PUH-LEEZ. whoever that girl was who got booted was rooked!

  2. Lucy said:

    Also, I am in love with Ivanka Trump.

  3. Christy said:

    Clearly the man is keeping Michael down because his dress was beautiful. He doesn’t get nearly the screentime he should.

    And I am loving knowing who gets asked to leave next episode because he is being such a jerk.

  4. sally said:

    Keith’s dress was pretty. But he is a dick, did not follow the rules, and, worse: he did not think he had to follow the rules. Also, lying to Nina Garcia seems like a bad move.

    I was totally rooting for poor little Spin Doctor Bradley! And that was clearly a sewed collar he made for his dog.

  5. vendela said:

    i’m not saying bradley isn’t cute with his fish-lip blowey thing he does and his playing peek-a-boo with the camera. and i hate keith’s insides. but, come on. i could make that dog collar with a piece of fabric and some bubble-gum in less time than it took keith to fashion a leash out of that bracelet and belt…and girl who go booted made a cute dress and a hoodie for her dog. i was sad to see her go.

  6. larry ferrari said:

    Bradley got a lot, A LOT, of weed for his birthday and decided to smoke all of it before he sat down to work. He was completely stoned the entire time, and it is obvious that he shared his present with the judges for their unwarranted complements/kindness.

    Also, I think it is funny that they have substituted “the masculine” role of Michael Kors with the more masculine Vera Wang. Dude, she had 5 o’clock shadow.

    Lastly, was anyone else listening to the designers’ stories? WTF!

  7. the jump said:

    superlame5000 angela came with some silk macramawful miniskirt. and was in! outlandish! I’m not a big fan of dumpy mcdumperstein, but she was (bigfatyawn) only okay. superlame5000’s out in two weeks.

    christy – truly, michael’s designs=awesome. the man=suck.

  8. poobou said:

    The scene with Vincent laughing kind of scared me.

    I think I finally figured out why Angela was so “uninspired” by Vincent’s Miss USA gown design: not enough tutu!

  9. Mr. Mooch said:

    bonnie was shown for about 5 seconds (not including the lineup). Michael’s outfit was nice but who would know? Bravo TV evidently doesn’t care about black people. This episode was good and actually not too easy for guessing the winners/losers.

    God knows the usual M.O. is to take 2 people who did crap work and pick the one that’s most sassy to stay. Oh the mystery of it all!

    That Angela skirt sux, no matter how many ways she does it. I’m anxious to see Reddy McSternum do something outside of her element. she’s done a great job but its clearly ONLY stuff inside her ‘zone’. Hell, Katherine’s whole career has been baggy pants and hoodies. everything she’s done has been a change of pace.

    HEY! how could we possibly know if Michael sucks!?! his screen time is limited to the intro shot on the open credits! haw!

  10. sally said:

    Michael’s dress was pretty, totally finished-looking, and extremely tailored (those pleats in the back!). Maybe he is the secret frontrunner but they are trying to build suspense. Either that or they are racist whores. You know, either one.

  11. KiWi said:

    how did angela not get the boot? that was horrible.

  12. Polly said:

    how? angela pisses off other people thus she’s got to be on the show for a bit longer so they can get some good TV.

  13. Jay said:

    Hey, I missed why keith got kicked out. can someone pplleasse tell me. curiousity is killing me?