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26 Jul 2006

Parsley Eaters Anonymous!

Written by sally @ 1:01 pm — Section: Uncategorized

Last night I continued my Read No Books campaign and watched part of The Karen Carpenter Story instead. I can feel myself getting dumber by the minute.

Has anyone seen The Karen Carpenter Story? No? Well, you’re missing out.


1. Huge wigs on everyone! Karen wears a new wig in each scene. It is amazing. Here are some that I saw — and I only saw the last 45 minutes:

Even the extras in the background were wearing giant cushion-like wigs. There was a scene at a restaurant (in which Karen only eats parsley — I am not kidding) with a lady in the waaaaay background talking to the maitre d’ with what appeared to be a fluffy brown mammal on her head.

2. Richard Carpenter is portrayed as straight! And also, humorous. In one scene (as he confronts his drug problem) he launches into a Humphrey Bogart impersonation, complete with overdone “schweet-hahhhht.” This makes Karen laugh.

3. The worst clothes in the history of the world! People: I lived through the 70s, and I can guarantee that ALL the clothes weren’t shiny. But then again, I was not a rock star.

4. This awesome exchange between Karen and a dude at a party:

Dude: And what do you do?
Karen: (laughs to self) I’m a singer.
Dude: What do you sing?
Karen: (to self, under breath) I don’t believe this. (to dude) Love songs, mostly.
Dude: Well, ah. (swaggers a little) Do you think I could get you to sing me one sometime?
Lady with Giant Wig in Background: Hey, Karen!
Karen: Oh, will you excuse me?
Dude: Only for the time being, Miss Carpenter, because we’ve only just begun.

The next scene is them getting married.

In other news, I may as well admit now that I have been bebopping around singing some silly, fun little pop song to myself that I heard on the radio. AND THEN I FOUND OUT THAT IT WAS THE PARIS HILTON SONG. And I still sort of like it.

4 Responses to “Parsley Eaters Anonymous!”

  1. poobou said:

    Ok, I’m stupid and I don’t get it: was the guy giving her a hard time because he totally knew who she was? Or was he the inspiration for “We’ve Only Just Begun”?

    I would totally not admit the Paris Hilton thing if I were you. Although I suppose you can comfort yourself in knowing that she didn’t write it herself, and her vocals have probably been completely digitally altered to make it more “listener-friendly.”

  2. sally said:

    But have you heard the song? It’s seriously not even that bad. It’s fun, even.

    The dude was pretending he didn’t know who she was. That scamp!

  3. poobou said:

    I haven’t heard it. That’s the burden of my iPod car adapter – I haven’t listened to the radio or heard a new song in *months*.

  4. jaysus said:

    jaxxie told me 53 times over our just-ended vacation that she really, really likes “Stars Are Blind.” so, sally – y’all two need to hit karaoke at Martin’s next Tuesday and blow everyone’s mind.
    i’m going to search on the DVR for the KCS.