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24 Jul 2006

The Aftermath, Continued.

Written by sally @ 2:34 pm — Section: sally

I wasn’t kidding yesterday when I said that as a result of my weekend, I fell victim to lethargy and bloat. I had to take a sick day today to recover from either a stomach virus or a bad case of atetoomuchitis. If this isn’t a stomach flu, then I am extremely embarrassed that a few days of eating has thrown me into this state. Apparently I am a delicate flower.

But! On to New Orleans!

I haven’t been since the hurricane, so I didn’t know what to expect. (Btw, this is how all recaps of post-Katrina weekends start.) But the French Quarter, the Garden District, and all the way down Magazine Street all looks fine. The only weird part is that THERE IS NO ONE AROUND. It’s not just that there’s less people — there are no people. I always get turned around when I first get to the FQ, so I was under the impression that we were on a quiet residential street Thursday night. . .until my eyes adjusted and I realized that we were almost in Jackson Square.

Because no one is there, it is eerily quiet. And along with the quietness there is the complete lack of the horrible uriney stench. Which is ok with me. It’s just weird.

So for anyone who knows New Orleans eateries well, here is a list of all the places we ate (and overate SO MUCH THAT I HAD TO TAKE AN ADDITIONAL DAY OFF OF WORK OMG WTF):
Irene’s (some canneloni thing)
Petunia’s (gigantor $7 breakfast with awesome hash browns)
Pere Antoine (do you like fried things? because everything we ordered was brown)
Jacques-Imo’s (ok, I hated my entree, but the creme brulee was fucking rad!)
Juan’s Flying Burrito (burritos the size of my head)
Muriel’s (here is where I should have ordered dry toast and 7-Up instead of gumbo, bbq shrimp, and what could be a fatal dose of creme brulee)
Cafe du Monde (why?)

Oh my god. Seeing it all listed out like this makes me want to go throw up again.

I have many snarky stories to tell, like when Larry’s dad asked him if he was having any luck with Levistra (he got it confused with Lunesta, much to my delight), but I think I might actually have to go rest for a little while.

Here is a rad poster detailing the deleterious effects of alcohol on the body that we saw at an antique shop — it can be yours for the bargain price of $475. I enjoy the sagging, rotting bone the most, I think:


11 Responses to “The Aftermath, Continued.”

  1. RD said:

    Q: Cafe du Monde (why?)
    A: ‘Cause it don’t existify on the west coast, that’s why! Plus, it offers consumables! I’m jealous. I recall a postcard either you or gclark sent me–all pictures of strip clubs and such. It was very classy. I have it hanging on my office wall now. There are lawsuits pending. Thanks.

  2. Frenchie said:

    Had I known you were going, I would have recommended here: (Herbsaint, on St Charles Ave, in the CBD). There’s always next time!

    Sounds like you have a food hangover.

  3. gorjus said:

    Now I know what happened! CBO (creme brulee overdose).

  4. biz said:

    I had the best tofu I have ever had in my life on Decatur St.

    I had never been to New Orleans before going last month. It was interesting to say the least.

    Cafe du Monde. I went there a friend. She got the beignets. I headed to the restroom… It was so gross I told my friend the only sanitary thing to do was burn my pants.

  5. herman rarebell said:

    vendela and i love the irene’s. unfortunately, we only have about a 30% success rate of getting a table. not that they have ever outright denied us seating – but the wait can be excruciatingly long. are they taking reservations now?

    anyone interested in investing in a juan’s franchise in jxn, please contact me.

  6. sally said:

    Go to Irene’s around 8:00 on a weeknight. You will walk right in. (No reservations, though.)

    If there was a Juan’s here, I would eat there every day. EVERY DAY.

  7. herman rarebell said:

    i’m faxing the IPO to your accountant.

  8. Polly said:

    wow! juan’s wasn’t open a few weeks ago! glad they’re back! i like the Jamaican Jerk Fish Tacos. did you happen to see if a Place called Aidan Gill was open next door? only barber shop that served me complimentary whiskey when i walked in the door. Jacques Imos is my favorite place in town. i’m sorry you got a bad dish. it consistently pleased my houseguests more than most anyplace else.

    I’m curious about the lack of crowds. i was there on a friday a few months ago (March?). I went uptown and down magazine and the crowds were the same as any other afternoon when i lived there. I’m going next Tues. we’ll see what 2 out of 3 looks like.

  9. herman rarebell said:

    aidan gill is open. i tried to get a drink and a trim in april. but they were booked up that day. they said they had been extremely short-staffed, but a couple of new barbers were starting the next week.

    juan’s is only open at the magazine st. location. and they were not open on sundays the last time we were there.

    the night time crowds around the quarter are eerily sparse. but the saturday shopping along magazine was as crowded as i’d ever seen it. i suppose the garden district/magazine gets more local traffic whereas the quarter relies on tourists.

  10. larry ferrari said:

    When I went into Aidan they asked me if I was there for a “treatment.” Apparently, it was painfully obvious that I cut my own hair.

    My Jacques-imo’s experience rocked. It was some of the best food I have had in a long time. All my bones have swollen parts from the alcohol consumption.

    The Napoleon House can bite me.

  11. herman rarebell said:

    no pimms?