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30 Apr 2006

My Hands Have Their Own History.

Written by sally @ 8:29 pm — Section: Uncategorized

So welcome to the end of National Poetry Month! It’s been a pretty good one, I think. Y’all have all behaved yourselves, and even commented on occasion! Good for you!

Sometime in high school I bought a book by the following poet because it was large and contained illustrations and was $1.00; I was unjustly rewarded with this poem. It’s clever and poignant at the same time, which is hard to pull off without sounding like an asshole.

i don’t want to disgrace you
— Gerald Huckaby

i don’t want to disgrace you —
i’ve shined up my bones and
smoothed my skin in quiet
folds around me, arranged
my limbs tastefully
in elegant lines that none may see
elbow or knee, i’ve instructed
my jaw not to grin nor jape,
my lips to stay firmly in place:

i shall not blink nor stare
nor will a hair upon my head
move, and i can hold my feet
still, that not a toe will tumble:
i don’t want to disgrace you,

but my hands have their own history
and instinctively at your entrance
rise to your face

(from city, uncity, Doubleday, 1969)

2 Responses to “My Hands Have Their Own History.”

  1. e said:

    Congratulations on a successful NPM! I think this one has been your best ever. As an avowed poetry skeptic, I have to do a little penitence and admit that I enjoyed a large number of your selections this month, and was even moved/awed/humbled/otherwise-affected by several of them.

  2. the diplomat said: