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27 Apr 2006

“The Sock” by April H.

Written by sally @ 3:05 pm — Section: Uncategorized

By request (I actually got an NPM request!), here is the student poem about the sock that I referenced here.

The Sock
— April H.

I was packed in with the others
He removed me and placed me on his foot
I was beautiful, tall, and white like a paper towel roll
There wasn’t a mark on me as I entered into the new world
But then he placed me into his old, smelly shoes
I could hear the squeaking as I went in
A beautiful person like me doesn’t belong in this harsh world
All through the day I rubbed up against the dirty sneaker
Certain parts of me were rubbing thin
I could feel my top and bottom disappearing
And that smell, what was that smell
It was so smelly I could taste it
I have never smelled this way before
These nasty shoes were rubbing off on me while I was rubbing away
After he finally took those gross things off me, you should have seen how filthy I was
I was brown at the bottom and all sweaty
My mate was just as bad as I was
He took us off and placed us in the hamper
I didn’t like the hamper it was dark, stuffy, and crowded
That is why I was excited once he took me out
I was thrown into a big pile with other white dingy things
He then carried the big pile to the white box with a hole and threw us in it
After that he poured some cool blue liquid onto us and shut the top
Next came the whitewater rafting trip with all the rushing water and jerking
Forty-five minutes later, I came out soaking wet
But as soon as I came out I was thrown into another big machine right next to it
This time I got hotter and hotter until I thought I was going to bust
I never thought this torture was going to end, but fortunately it did
It was too dark to see myself then, but once my owner took me out I could see me
I looked just as great as I did earlier today
I never thought being a sock could be so hard

It’s not that it’s a good poem or anything, but she met all the requirements (examples of each type of imagery, symbols, figurative language) and she got bonus points for not writing a slow-jams poem like so many students did. Plus, it’s a poem about a sock, and I’m all for that.

6 Responses to ““The Sock” by April H.”

  1. Lucy said:

    “It was so smelly I could taste it” might be my favorite line of poetry, ever.

  2. e said:

    Imagine how delighted April H. would be if she knew she had ascended to her rightful place, next to D.H. Lawrence, Raymond Carver, Ezra Pound, and Emily Dickinson.

    April H. and her mangy sock – in the company of giants.

  3. sally said:

    I am mentally placing her near Julia A. Moore and Frances Cornwell.

  4. Jaxxie said:

    HOORAY for the stinky sock poem!!
    Thank you for posting that!!!!!!!
    This made my afternoon so much better!!

  5. vendela said:

    “I was beautiful, tall, and white like a paper towel roll”

    i love that April once gazed upon a paper towel role, found it beautiful, cataloged the image, and later used it in a similie. my heart is happy.

    also, “I got hotter and hotter until I thought I was going to bust” rules the universe.

  6. st. said:

    i like how the sock knows about white water rafting trips, but nothing about a washing “box”.

    and that the washing machine is a “box”, yet the dryer is a “machine” (irony +1).

    ah, the naivete of socks.