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31 Aug 2005

Jaxxon Hurricane Update.

Written by sally @ 11:18 am — Section: sally

Thanks to everyone who emailed with concerns for our safety. It looks like everyone in our immediate families is ok, but either has a tree down in their yards, on their houses, or on their cars.

We were lucky and only had a tree in our yard. We have several large trees (one scary pine in the back that kept making that spooky cre-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-ak sound like it was about to fall) and only the top half of our sycamore snapped off. Of course, it was still quite a mess:

It could have been much worse; a woman two streets over was killed when a tree crashed through her house. Being without electricity means we are without information, and when we heard this Monday night, I was so sure it was going to be a rumor. Seeing the house this morning (and then getting here to Larry’s office and seeing the story in the paper) has confirmed it. I feel sick.

I just looked at the pictures and videos over at the New York Times website, and I feel even more sickened. It was sort of nice sitting in a dark, hot house playing cards with Larry the past couple of days and not knowing for sure what horrible things happened.

Y’all, really, thanks again for all your emails and comments. I’m sure I speak for all of the theohreallyians when I say that all of our internet friendships mean a lot.

15 Responses to “Jaxxon Hurricane Update.”

  1. pinky said:

    i had to quit reading the New York Times, too. i just couldn’t take it all in. i’m glad to see that you are all okay!!

  2. randy said:

    I’m not sure which is more disturbing- DL saying that to you or the fact that you may actually look like you just had sex. I’d like Larry to comment on this one.

  3. ms.comrade said:

    yea! i am happy and relieved to hear that all is well with y’all!

  4. Prof. Fury said:

    Glad you Jacksonians are okay, and sorry to hear about your neighbor. Hope your power comes back soon.

  5. kicker of elves said:

    I’m glad to hear everyone is OK in Jxn. We’ve been without power (like most everybody else) until this morning so I’ve had no access to anything.

  6. liz said:

    Whew, I’m so glad you’re all okay! I actually just came here after reading another NYT article. They are scaring the crap out of me.

  7. poobou said:

    I’ve been reading the local news over the phone to my mom, since they’re without power too. I thought of you guys when I heard about the woman in your neighborhood who was killed. Glad to hear that you’re all ok.

  8. speedy marie said:

    My in-laws live in Long Beach.. umm err what was Long Beach. Long Beach, Gulf Port, and Biloxi looks like an atom bomb went off. It’s just crazy. Shirkie Shirk’s folks lost their home in Biloxi. My in-laws live about a mile and half from the beach. They didn’t loose their home, but suffered a great deal of damage. They rescued a family during the ordeal. It’s all crazy.

  9. gorjus said:

    Oof. I’m not sure what time it is, but it’s getting harder to sleep without being drunk, because it’s so damn hot. Belhaven looks like it did seventy years ago–still no power on my end.

  10. Larry ferrari said:

    You know, we are making it just fine. We have been hot during the day, but nights aren’t too bad.

    We were fairly comfortable last night. It was 68 degrees outside this morning when we got, so I got a couple more windows unstuck to vent the house out. The house was cooler today than it was the first night of the storm. Get those windows unstuck, vent it out at night and close the windows and the shades during the day!

    This is one of those things that we will probably forget about in a month, but this storm has changed our lives. At this point the city is running out of gas. There was a report this morning of a line of 200 cars at a gas station that was rumored to have a delivery of gas coming today. We have really learned that we can do without a lot of things in our life.

    There are so many real tragedies to worry about. We are in conservation mode, but really we are fine. Thank you all for your thoughts and well wishes.

    …Oh, and if any knows a good scooter mechanic…a hundred miles a gallon sounds great right now.

  11. poobou said:

    My folks drove up to Lexington (in Holmes County, I believe) to get gas this morning. I think that’s about 40 miles from where they live? Not just for the car, they needed it for their generator as well. Crazy.

  12. sally said:

    The gas thing is getting fairly serious. Part of it is the getting it here, and part of it is the no electricity thing — stations that may have gas don’t have electricity. And would you believe that there is looting here?!

    Off the subject: poobou, I had the most disturbing dream about you last night. You had made some truly horrible salsa (it was mainly just tomato sauce) and were making everyone eat it. (Your kind husband told you it was delicious.) Then I had some of the ice cream you made, and it was pretty good, but I looked into it and it was full of dog hair. Then I noticed a little chunk of brown hair over to the side, and when I yanked on it it turned out to be a 4-inch lock of your hair. I very nicely asked, “Cindy, have you had an accident?”

    Then we went to a concert.

    The heat may be getting to me.

  13. bulb said:

    Glad to here all are safe if uncomfortable down Jaxxon way (not sure if my email to sally ever arrived but with the power outages its understandable). Wierdness on the gas front in starkvegas. Today I saw a spread of over 60 cents on prices at places that appeared to have gas–from $2.62 to $3.29. Some of the $3.29 locales looked like they were out and had just gone ahead and set a base rate for when their tanks were refilled. While most stations with gas were crowded, we seem to be avoiding the traffic blocking lines we’re hearing about down there.

    Stay safe.

  14. poobou said:

    Sally, that IS disturbing. If it’s any consolation, I have never made either salsa or ice cream, I am usually quite cautious about keeping my hair out of my culinary creations, and I don’t force anyone to eat anything that I make. (In fact, I usually spend several minutes asking, “is it ok? Really? You sure? You don’t have to eat it if it’s bad.”)

    I hadn’t heard about looting in Jxn, but it doesn’t surprise me. Hope y’all get your A/C back soon. My parents’ said their neighbors have theirs already, and there are 3 Entergy trucks working on a downed tree near their house, so they’re optimistic that they’ll be up & running soon.

  15. Mr. Mooch said:

    haw! the DL is thinking you look like she does when she just had Sex! the coldest cut!