30 Oct 2008

The World! And All Its Delights!

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Sometimes I wish I had lower standards just so the world could delight me more often. Today I brought some Halloween cupcakes to work and this one lady kept saying how beautiful they were. I saw her three times this morning and she just kept talking about them. Look, I did put some orange sugar and then some Halloween-themed sprinkles (tiny candy pumpkins and bats) on top, and they were kind of cute, but this lady went on and on. Maybe she was full of it. I don’t know, but it reminded me of my weird third cousin who is equally delighted with the world around her. I went to Picadilly with her once and the whole time she kept leaning over and saying to her mother, “Mama, this cornbread is so good!” and “You’ve just got to try this carrot and raisin salad*!” I found it fascinating and annoying at the same time — which is pretty much my favorite combination of elements.

*Who eats this? If you eat it and like it, will you leave a comment explaining why?

22 Oct 2008


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• Yesterday I eavesdropped on this conversation:

Person 1: What do you think this letter is? An I or an L?
Person 2: (looks at paper, sees word “Monique” on it) Um. An I. What word would that be if it were M-O-N-L-Q-U-E?
Person 1: Oh, it would still be Monique. The L would just be silent.
Person 2: (silence)
Person 1: They’re spelling things different all the time these days.

20 Oct 2008


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Person: “When he tried to kiss me, he was on his way to being a homeless guy.”

15 Oct 2008

Three More Things! (I Need to Work on My Titles.)

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I saw this tag today: 2ND BABY
What sort of car would you expect this to be on? I would’ve put my money on a Mustang had you asked me this, but no, this person’s second baby was the very hot Toyota Corolla. It reminded me of my old car. I used to drive a Chevy Cavalier — for YEARS I drove that thing, even though it was an embarrassing green color, that “hey, look at me! I’m sporty and fun and — oh GOD never mind I am just a Cavalier” green — and even though I am the sort of person who names her cars, it never had a name. A friend admired the way it could whip around without doing a three-point turn, and started calling it the Whipper, but it never caught on. The closest thing to a nickname was calling it “the Cav.” Anyway, my point is that it was not my baby, nor my second baby. Not even my thirteenth baby. However, I am happy that the owner of that Toyota Corolla is so pleased with her purchase.

Dear Undecided Voters,

HOW CAN YOU STILL BE UNDECIDED? Is it for the attention at this point? That is seriously the only reason I can think of. “I don’t like either one,” you say. THOSE ARE THE OPTIONS CHOOSE ONE FOR GOD’S SAKE. Do you stand in the toothpaste aisle, totally flummoxed by all the choices? Paste or gel? Tartar control or tartar-inviting? The blue kind with little glittery stuff in it or the plain, white kind? JESUS HELP ME THERE ARE TOO MANY OPTIONS.

Anyway, if you need some help figuring it out, let me know. I have some charts and stuff you could look at.


I have been watching AND LOVING this show on BBC America called You Are What You Eat. In each episode, a doctor storms some fat people’s house, pokes at their bellies, examines their tongues, analyzes their poo, shows them how many Twinkies and fish and chips and biscuits they eat per week by piling it all on a table — WAIT A MINUTE WHAT DID YOU SAY? She analyzes their poo. A quotation from an episode I watched yesterday: “It reminded me of glue.” While I was still reeling from this, a commercial came on for a one-hour docuspecial coming on in a few weeks: Brothers and Sisters in Love: “They know it’s wrong.” Oh, BBC America, you know what I like.

13 Oct 2008

Three Things.

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I’ve decided I don’t like panko.

Spike is sick. He’s got a nasty virus that apparently TAKES TWO WEEKS to run its course. Meaning that for two weeks Spike will not be in daycare (Larry and I will be taking turns staying home, and then we have some grandmothers coming to town to help out). He’s got an old man cough, a rattly wheeze, and a runny nose, but that mouth just keeps on yakking. Right now he’s rolling around on a quilt in the living room saying this: Rah rah rah rah da da da da ra ba ra! Whoever he’s talking to, look the hell out! Spike is serious! Every once in awhile he gets tired of reading someone the riot act and lays his little head down and breathes hard for a minute before picking his head back up and resuming his monologue. Don’t forget: RAH RAH RAH RAH BA BA DAAA.

Rock of Love Charm School is not all that great. I forgot that a good reality show needs heroes and villains…and this show has no heroes. It’s just the gross, villainous bitches from the first two seasons. Um, and Sharon Osbourne, who looks like that cat lady.

7 Oct 2008

Chicken Fried Nuggets.

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• Excellent excuse why I came back late from lunch: “Sorry, I was buying Spike a monkey costume for Halloween.”

Rock of Love: Charm School starts next Sunday!

• Do you know about the Sexy People blog? No? Here you go.

• My brother reports that he ate the following at the Texas State Fair:
1. chicken fried bacon
2. fried chocolate truffle
3. fried grilled cheese
4. fried s’mores

6 Oct 2008

Whatever, Evelyn.

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So there is this show that you should watch. It’s called Whatever, Martha and it’s on the Fine Living network. I knew it was Martha Stewart’s daughter and her friend, but what I didn’t know is that they a) look at segments from old Martha Stewart Living shows and then b) completely make fun of those segments. It is enjoyable whether you are a Martha devotee (like me) or not (like Larry, who was forced to watch an episode while I said “this is the best show EVER” approximately 400 times as Alexis ripped on her mother’s love of the cocktail napkin).

Speaking of Martha, I worship at many of her altars, including the organizational altar (my dream is a whole room to devote to linens — SHUT UP IT’S MY DREAM OK), the ridiculously cute and labor-intensive party favor altar, and the baking altar, but one area where Martha and I part ways is actual food. I don’t think I’ve ever tried a non-baked good Martha recipe before yesterday…and I probably won’t do it again. I got tricked into making some old chicken breast stuffed with white beans recipe, and it reminded me of orphanage food.

Larry, who was recently admonished for not saying he enjoyed his dinner quick enough and with the appropriate (read: maniacal) level of enthusiasm, said it was delicious! very moist and flavorful! until I said “I think this sucks” and then he said he agreed.

This weekend I finished reading Brideshead Revisited — a major achievement as I only started it a week ago, it has no pictures, and is a full 341 pages long. I should’ve watched the 80-part miniseries when I was a bored, driver’s licenseless teenager checking out movies from the library, but I never did, perhaps because I read the title then as bride-shed, not brides-head, and maybe I didn’t know that Brides-head is the name of a house until I opened the book, but I really didn’t know what a bride-shed was then. Anyway, I guess I don’t have anything to say about it except it was rolling along for 340 pages and then apparently Evelyn Waugh’s favorite pen broke or he ran out of ink or his editor called because the book suddenly ends on page 341. Seriously: on page 340 everyone is happy and in love and then on page 341 it’s over and everyone dies alone. I think I should write book reviews for the Not Very Interesing Spoiler-Gazette.

1 Oct 2008

Pop Quiz.

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1. I just went to Target. Which of the following items did I purchase?
a. Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tarts
b. Oreos
c. Goldfish crackers
d. orange Tic-Tacs
e. all of the above
f. all of the above? are you kidding?
g. no, I am not kidding
h. that is gross
i. shut up I get hungry at work

2. My guilt about Monday’s post has manifested itself as what?
a. huge zit on end of nose
b. inability to turn head to the right or raise right arm
c. bloody lip from gnashing of teeth
d. fingertip cancer

3. How did I see “there’s” misspelled yesterday?
a. they’re’s
b. their’s
c. their’is
d. the’Ry E^^(zz8
e. cat

4. Spike has hit what new milestone?
a. playing croquet
b. moosehunting
c. chewing on his feet
d. whistling

5. What magazines or newspapers do I read to stay informed and to understand the world?
a. most of them
b. all of them
c. any of them
d. a vast variety of sources
e. wtf