26 Sep 2006

It’s Nuglicious!

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Nuggets: (more…)

25 Sep 2006

Nordan Family Shocker!

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Y’all, you won’t believe this, but my brother was recently on the Oprah Winfrey Show. (more…)

23 Sep 2006

For or Against? I Can’t Tell.

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22 Sep 2006

Why I Can’t Quit Survivor.

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So I know no one watches Survivor, especially this season, but something happened last night that was so noteworthy I have to tell you about it.

First off, the separation of the races has made for SUPREMELY BORING TELEVISION. Seriously, it is lame. And for some reason last night there was not a reward challenge and then an immunity challenge — just one boring challenge, snaw choo. The first 30 minutes of the show showed the tribe members catching fish and building their shelters omg are you kidding me thirty whole minutes. (more…)

21 Sep 2006

What Happened Today: A List of Why My Day Has Sucked.

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1. Dumbness.
2. Yelling.
3. More dumbness.
4. Lunch at Krystal.
5. Repeating the story about the dumbness and yelling, which was like living dumbness and yelling over again.
6. Headache brought on by dumbness and yelling.
7. Realization that the cleaning crew stole the three yellow Starburst candies I had on my desk that I had no real intention of eating, but still.

20 Sep 2006

Maybe a Dead Body Would Be a Better Sight.

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I just got an email from a friend who was riding mountain bikes with her husband last night. She was coming down a big hill, one that apparently is pretty rocky and one where she basically just tries to hang on to her bike. When she turned a corner, her husband — who had ridden in front of her — was standing there yelling TURN BACK GO BACK NOW and so she managed to turn her bike around and get it up the hill. She thought at first that he must have seen a giant snake, but then she decided that her husband’s panic obviously meant there was a dead body he didn’t want her to see. When they were both safely away from the potential dead body, her husband told her that — and I quote — “Some old fat man with a mustache was getting nasty with a prostitute back there.”

19 Sep 2006

Pirates, KFC, Westerns, Hipsters, Etc.

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• First off, today is National Talk Like a Pirate Day. Here is a handy pirate talk translator to make the transition easier. (more…)

18 Sep 2006

I. Etta Hamburgher! And It Was Delicious.

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So I was looking through this Ripley’s Believe It or Not! from 1946 (which was originally in the reference section! hilarious!) and while there are many notable and totally made up things, I thought this list of funny names had at least a chance in hell of being maybe 50% true:

LOVE, SUNSHINE, AND BLISS once owned a candy store in Johnstown, Pa.

REPAIR AND GOFORTH are nurses in the Gallinger Municipal Hospital, Washington, DC.

BUYAM AND SWALLUM are druggists in Goldfield, Iowa.

B.A. GENTLEMAN is a lady living in Kendall, Florida.

I. ETTA HAMBURGHER is buried in the Forest Hill Cemetery in Madison, Wisc.

SWEET AND SAUER are business partners in Chico, Cal.

DR. BESICK is a physician in Chicago.

By the by, I. Etta Hamburgher is my new code name, for reals.

(from Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Two Volumes in One, Garden City Publishing Co., Inc. Garden City, NY, 1946, pp. 300-301.)

UPDATE: I have confirmed the existence of a lady B.A. Gentleman and the presence of many Besicks in the Chicago area in 1930.

16 Sep 2006

Jackson Mayor is Indicted Over Crime-Fighting Tactics — from The New York Times.

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Vendela was right: there is a certain brand of pride that accompanies embarrassment.

15 Sep 2006


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Ding dong! The mayor’s been arrested!

It turns out that taking a sledgehammer and busting up a guy’s house is illegal after all, NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE.

Note to non-Jaxxonians: those are actual photos of the actual house that our actual mayor allegedly busted up.

F is for Friday; N is for Nuggets.

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• The other night I told Larry that Britney Spears released the name of her new baby, and that it was DeWayne. AND HE BELIEVED ME. Victory! (more…)

14 Sep 2006

A Study in Contrasts.

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Things are rough right now for me in the looks department. My hair is…awful. Frizzed, shapeless, awful. And while I do really love my new hot glasses, they’re, uh, still glasses, and coupled with the hair, well, I am not cute. Every time I look in the mirror I end up sighing a lot and wandering away. These visual aids may help explain things. (more…)

Project Rollercoaster.

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Y’all, Project Runway was almost too much for me last night. (Spoilers!) (more…)

13 Sep 2006

DWTS + Our New Dog.

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So I watched Dancing with the Stars, all 14 hours of it, and I have to say it wasn’t bad. (more…)

12 Sep 2006

All Right!

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