31 Aug 2006

Fake Thursday Entry Totally Written on Monday.

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Hi, website! Look, I haven’t neglected you at all!

30 Aug 2006


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I had to go give a presentation this afternoon on a subject I didn’t really know anything about until last Friday. I have been fretting big time over this because I do not enjoy situations that highlight my idiocy, especially those where I will be wearing a microphone.

But today I went and did the damn thing, and it was fine — it was almost enjoyable! The audience laughed at my jokes, and people: that is all I ask. And actually, that’s kind of asking a lot, since one of the jokes was about first graders and gay marriage.

28 Aug 2006

The Melancholy Mattress.

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From citycrab today, about her recent mattress shopping experience:

For all of those times you were so depressed that you couldn’t get out of bed. The mattress made especially for gloomy depressive types. The mattress you might spend your last days in. The Melancholy. The saddest mattress in the world.

Sibling Revelry.

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My brother is a fairly weird fellow. That being said, we have a lot in common. For instance, one day I asked him if he could write with his feet, and he said yes right away. I too can write with my feet. I thought it was pretty interesting that independent of each other, we had both tried to do so and discovered that we were good at it.

Anyway, this picture he took of a stone park bench looks exactly like something I would do: (more…)

27 Aug 2006

It’s Pete Sunday Again.

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Totally taken on a different day than the last picture of Pete in his baby bed. He really loves that thing, even if he doesn’t quite fit in it anymore.

26 Aug 2006

Chapter 12: In Which There Are Margaritas, Mayoral Gossip, and Straws.

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Last night Larry and I went to Cinqo de Mayo for dinner (and creamy margaritas) — while there, we learned that our hallowed mayor used to eat there a lot before he was elected. Here are two exclusive details about Frank Melton that you will only get here: one, he liked pina coladas, and two, no matter how much his bill was, he left a $20 tip.

After splitting a pitcher of margaritas, Larry and I got into a fight over straws. People: I said straws. This escalated pretty quickly and continued until we got home. Then the phone rang and it was Mix asking if we wanted to go drink margaritas with her and Alec Eiffel at Cazuela. We said yes, our fight was over, we split another pitcher, and then we were too drunk to care about straws. Although I was totally right.

25 Aug 2006

Tidbits: Stress Relief, Gilligan Clothes, PR.

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• This morning I went to a little seminar about stress relief. You know, we stretched, we breathed deeply, we imagined our muscles relaxing, we all got pedometers, etc. It was better than sitting at my desk. (more…)

24 Aug 2006

Sporting Her Specs.

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It’s not that it’s a baby wearing glasses. It’s a baby wearing these glasses. (more…)

22 Aug 2006

The Professor’s House, Stench Edition.

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Long years ago I babysat for the daughter of an English professor (who shall remain nameless). Their house was a filthy cesspool of clothes, rotting food, books, and afghans. The kitchen had a dip in the floor that was always filled with water. The counters were filled with grocery bags, the groceries still in them, and old food sat on the kitchen table. (more…)

21 Aug 2006

These Will Appeal to His Sense of Humor, All Right.

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from Erica Wilson’s Brides Book: All the Special Things to Make for Your Engagement, Your Wedding, and Your First Year of Marriage (1989)

20 Aug 2006

The Boredom of Marie Antoinette.

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The other day I was in the stacks (not that I work anywhere where there are stacks) and came upon two books that occupied my entire morning: one about origami-ed Christmas decorations (origami baby Jesus, anyone? no? what about a Christmas kimono, then? also, p.s., I found out that I suck at origami) and one that is the official book of photographs from the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago.

I have a particular interest in the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis, but in a pinch, Chicago will do. If you’ve read Devil in the White City, this book has huge, beautiful photographs of all the buildings you read about. Well, all the buildings, and then some exotic native peoples. My favorites were the Hindoos and the Esquimaux.

Part of my fascination with both World’s Fairs is the temporary nature of the buildings. Costs were huge, construction long, and everything was made of plaster or shoddily made and then it all burned or melted. (Most everything; the art museum in St. Louis was the only permanent structure.) I’m also fascinated with the things that were fascinating to long-ago fairgoers: a sculpture of an Indian made of butter, tortoise rides, electricity exhibits. I fear that if I went somewhere with a butter sculpture today, by the time I got there, someone would’ve already stuck their gum on it and there would be some teenagers standing in front of it rolling their eyes.

Even though the whole point of my fascination is that we as a culture are too cynical and snarky to enjoy these sorts of simple pleasures, my jaded 21st century brain still laughed to itself when it read this description of the midway:

Here, every one of the “concessions,” or private entertainments, lay before the visitors, and a line of ejaculatory “recommenders” saluted them in all languages, imploring them to come in and see their “attraction.”

I “know” it’s not so, but it “sounds” like this is a “midway” of “whores,” as advertised by “pimps.”

I also misread a caption as “The Boredom of Marie Antoinette.” It was the bedroom. Oh. That’s much less interesting.

19 Aug 2006

The Long Arm of the Law.

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18 Aug 2006

Nano! Or, A Few Items Written in the Little Notebook I Carry in My Purse.

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Vanity tags:


Overheard at sushi restaurant:
“I’m like, I’m sticking my toe in it and it’s making my toe better!”

Guy at Dollar Tree 8/17/06:
On the bottom of his name tag, he’s written in with a magic marker the words POLO KID. He’s wearing a Polo shirt with the blue Ralph Lauren tag still wrapped around one of the buttons. He’s also wearing a fake Louis Vuitton backpack while working the cash register. I’m buying an iPod cover. He holds it up and says, rather emphatically, Nano! This is the extent of our interaction.

17 Aug 2006

Project Runway Quotation Quiz!

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Identify who said the following quotations:

16 Aug 2006

Notes from the Sickbed.

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I still have the flu and my fever is still pretty damn high. It’s getting old, I tell you. (more…)

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