31 Jul 2006

Oh, Pete. Again.

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In an unprecedented and ultra-lazy move, here is yet another picture of Pete lounging. While yesterday’s picture was his poker photo, this is his Playgirl pose. (more…)

30 Jul 2006

Oh, Pete.

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29 Jul 2006

Temporary ADD.

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Last night Larry and I went to eat sushi, which was delicious and also the first biggish meal I have had since my gluttonous trip to New Orleans, and afterwards we decided to go to Target (it’s in the same shopping center). I told Larry I’d walk if he moved the car.

So I stopped in a couple of dumb stores on the way, and when I came out of one I sort of noticed a giant 18-wheeler parked in the middle of the road and people gathered around pointing but didn’t pay much attention. Then my phone rang.

Sally: What?
Sally: Huh.
Larry: Wait — did you not see it?
Sally: No.
Larry: But you were right there!
Sally: Oh.

And then we went into Target, we had this conversation:

Larry: Oh, I’m gonna be sick.
Sally: What’s wrong?
Larry: I was talking about that fat man over there eating nachos.
Sally: What fat man?
Larry: He had nacho sauce all over his — oh, not again.

I’m glad that there was a very slim chance of a piano falling out of a window onto my head last night.

28 Jul 2006

Older Lady with Dyed Blonde Hair I Saw at the Bottletree Bakery A Few Weekends Ago, Complete with Hairnet, Extraneous Barrettes, Et Al.

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27 Jul 2006

Also, Project Runway is Rad.

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I have a new theory about Project Runway. Whoever wins the first challenge TURNS OUT TO BE A GIANT DICK.

Also, I thought last night’s challenge was particularly awesome — way better (and potentially more humiliating) than the Barbie challenge on Season 2.

Also, did you notice that we hardly saw certain contestants’ clothes? First of all, each time Bonnie Rodriguez comes on the screen I say out loud, I have never seen that person before. And what did she design? What the hell did Michael design?

Also, someone’s top looked just like Daniel Vosovic’s orchid top last season.

Also, the scene where Vincent laughs maniacally to himself for several minutes was priceless.

Also, Alison is my new girlfriend.

Also, Angela’s tutu made several appearances last night! On her own body AND ON HER MODEL’S.

Also, I think that is all.

26 Jul 2006

Parsley Eaters Anonymous!

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Last night I continued my Read No Books campaign and watched part of The Karen Carpenter Story instead. I can feel myself getting dumber by the minute.

Has anyone seen The Karen Carpenter Story? No? Well, you’re missing out. (more…)

25 Jul 2006

Yet Another Tuesday Tidbittery.

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IMSMYMA (I’m Smyma? I’ms My Ma?)
CELLOS (quite possible the sweetest vanity tag of all time — we like cellos!) (more…)

24 Jul 2006

The Aftermath, Continued.

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I wasn’t kidding yesterday when I said that as a result of my weekend, I fell victim to lethargy and bloat. I had to take a sick day today to recover from either a stomach virus or a bad case of atetoomuchitis. If this isn’t a stomach flu, then I am extremely embarrassed that a few days of eating has thrown me into this state. Apparently I am a delicate flower.

But! On to New Orleans! (more…)

23 Jul 2006

The Aftermath.

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I have just returned from a long weekend in New Orleans with Larry and his parents, where all we did was eat rich things, walk around, sweat, and drink beer. Today I am paying for this with lethargy and bloat (which, incidentally, is the name of my autobiography — Lethargy and Bloat: The Sally J. Nordan Story).

I have to go lay down now and try to recover. Enjoy this picture of some pretty graffiti I passed 800 times.


20 Jul 2006

Ten Things I Learned on Project Runway Last Night (While Sipping Yet Another Nina Colada Out of a Coconut-Shaped Cup).

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1. That legs are so important, according to Keith Michael/Michael Keith/whatever. And that he is so creepy. (That scene, btw, was this season’s version of Daniel Franco + Heidi + “lovemaking.”)

2. That Angela, who is a contestant on a show where people have to draw and then create things, doesn’t sketch. As in, hello, Miss USA, I’m here to show you my sketch of the gown I’d like to design for you, but “I don’t sketch.” You’re going to be great at this! Also, I hate you.

3. That there’s a contestant from the hit band the Spin Doctors on the show! If you want to call me baby, well, go ahead then.

4. That after Malan told the (uh, made up) story about how his mother threw his sketches on the ground and told him he’d never amount to anything, Gorjus told the true version by starting, When I was growing up in Indianapolis…

5. That I was wrong about how Vincent = the Fonz. Vincent instead = Laverne DiFozzio.

6. That Tim Gunn made me swoon when he told Malan that his dress “looked like it was carved out of a big log.”

7. That Laura McBreastbone made me laugh when she said about her dress, “This cannot be here and look like she’s pooping.”

8. That Neckface firmly established that he is straight from 1994 when he used the term “feminazi” in all seriousness.

9. That according to Gorjus, Vera Wang looked “like a bad guy in an Ang Lee movie.”

10. And that the only thing I can figure about who got booted off is that he was responsible for creating something ugly and was punished for that, and based purely upon the runway portion of the show, his work was uglier than the other person’s. Even though she is lame and didn’t sketch or sew or do anything but wear terrible Cyndi Lauper outfits. Seriously: a red tutu and combat boots?

P.S. The person who got booted was robbed, even if he does use a fat Sharpie for sketching.

19 Jul 2006

Don’t Drink and Groom.

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So it is possible that last night, after Larry had had several beers, I heard a buzzing sound coming out of the bathroom.

People: he got drunk and cut his own hair. (more…)

18 Jul 2006

Suri Mystery Explained!

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After reading the Us Weekly cover story about the fact that no one has seen Suri Cruise, I am prepared to theorize about Suri’s whereabouts. If I am correct, you may come to me with other mysteries to solve as well. If I am wrong, let’s just forget the whole thing.

My theory is that Suri has an unsightly birthmark, such as a heavily pigmented, hairy circle around one eye that makes her look like the Target dog, or a port wine stain that spells out “L. Ron” on her forehead. They are waiting until she is old enough to have plastic surgery to remove said unsightliness before showing her to the world.

Seriously. You heard it here first.

17 Jul 2006

I’m Pretty Sure None of These People Read My Website.

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On Saturday I went to Starkville for a T.A. reunion. I know. (more…)

16 Jul 2006

Taming the Beast.

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Today Larry officially got fed up with the status of our closet, which had reached crisis mode. The pile of shoes at the bottom was so big you had to anchor your hand on the doorframe, then swing in in order to get any actual, you know, clothes, because there was no stepping inside the beast.

So he built some shelves and moved some clothes rods thingies and these pictures are not great and do not do Larry’s handiwork justice, but you can sort of get the idea: (more…)

15 Jul 2006

Corner of Saint Mary and Belmont.

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What We Do is Secret is going well. This is from Thursday afternoon — I’m not sure how many are left!

The one I took:


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