19 Apr 2006

The Sour Reader.

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Robert Herrick totally wrote this poem for me after I made fun of his poem on Poet’s Corner.

To the Sour Reader
— Robert Herrick (more…)

18 Apr 2006


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I am totally taking advantage of this whole National Poetry Month thing by throwing a poem up here each day and then not writing much else. Partially I’m doing that because it is oh so very easy. I’m also doing it because I have absolutely nothing to tell you. (more…)

All My Pretty Hates.

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— Dorothy Parker

Love has gone a-rocketing.
That is not the worst;
I could do without the thing,
And not be the first.

Joy has gone the way it came.
That is nothing new;
I could get along the same —
Many people do.

Dig for me the narrow bed,
Now I am bereft.
All my pretty hates are dead,
And what have I left?

These last two lines could easily be altered to be Gorjus & Professor Fury’s new motto.

This poem could also describe the loss I felt after the DL left. I was glad to have her out of my hair…but I have no one else who brings me such raw, unadulterated stupidity. This also describes all of my friendships in middle school, as well as my relationship with my first boyfriend, the boy who would later become the Redneck Fireman.

17 Apr 2006

Lo, And There Was Kreamie.

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I may have to give up collecting vanity tags. I have recently seen the perfect specimen.

Are you ready? I give you:


It’s weird, it’s stupid, it’s misspelled, it’s marginally gross…say no more.

Two Clear Eyes to Read the World.

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I have restrained myself from posting only Billy Collins poems this month, and I’ve done really well: this is the first one. But now that I see how lovely it is, all bets are off. Expect heavy Collins-o-rama in the coming weeks.

The Lanyard
— Billy Collins (more…)

16 Apr 2006

Raymond Carver Sunday! This Week: “For Tess.”

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Out on the Strait the water is whitecapping,
as they say here. It’s rough, and I’m glad
I’m not out. Glad I fished all day
on Morse Creek, casting a red Daredevil back
and forth. I didn’t catch anything. No bites
even, not one. But it was okay. It was fine!
I carried your dad’s pocketknife and was followed
for a while by a dog its owner called Dixie.
At times I felt so happy I had to quit
fishing. Once I lay on the bank with my eyes closed,
listening to the sound the water made,
and to the wind in the tops of the trees. The same wind
that blows out on the Strait, but a different wind, too.
For a while I even let myself imagine I had died —
and that was all right, at least for a couple
of minutes, until it really sank in: Dead.
As I was lying there with my eyes closed,
just after I’d imagined what it might be like
if in fact I never got up again, I thought of you.
I opened my eyes then and got right up
and went back to being happy again.
I’m grateful to you, you see. I wanted to tell you.

15 Apr 2006

All of Its Life on a Garden-Wall.

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I’ve always loved this poem. It’s by e.e. cummings.

my girl’s tall with hard long eyes
as she stands, with her long hard hands keeping
silence on her dress, good for sleeping
is her long hard body filled with surprise
like a white shocking wire, when she smiles
a hard long smile it sometimes makes
gaily go clean through me tickling aches,
and the weak noise of her eyes easily files
my impatience to an edge — my girl’s tall
and taut, with thin legs just like a vine
that’s spent all of its life on a garden-wall,
and is going to die. When we grimly go to bed
with these legs she begins to heave and twine
about me, and to kiss my face and head.

14 Apr 2006

All You.

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Has anyone heard of the low-budget women’s magazine All You? No? I hadn’t either. (more…)

Peaches, Haunches, Breaches, Branches.

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— Donald Hall

A mouthful of language to shallow:
stretches of beach, sweet clinches,
breaches in walls, pleached branches;
britches hauled over haunches;
hunched leeches, wrenched teachers.
What English can do: ransack
the warmth that chuckles beneath
fuzzed surfaces, smooth velvet
richness, plashy juices.
I beseech you, peach,
clench me into the sweetness
of your reaches.

(from The Norton Anthology of Poetry, 4th. ed)

13 Apr 2006

Our Ideals Came Easy.

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I am down with The Norton Anthology of Poetry (4th ed., 1996) this week. One of the reasons I love National Poetry Month — and my insistence on posting a poem each day — is that it forces me to seek poems out (ok, so I didn’t seek very far, considering that the past few days’ poems have been from the same book). But I’m reading great things, things that I will continue to love. (more…)

12 Apr 2006

“I simply do not know what I am doing.”

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I just found this poem this morning and have fallen deeply in love. Why have I not read it before? Where have I been? (Probably fast-forwarding through last night’s American Idol [dear god], that’s where.) (more…)

11 Apr 2006

My Only, My Best Foot Forward.

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Lament for a Leg
— John Ormond

Near the yew tree under which the body of Dafydd ap Gwilym* is buried in Strata Florida, Cardiganshire, there stands a stone with the following inscription: “The left leg and part of the thigh of Henry Hughes, Cooper, was cut off and interr’d here, June 18, 1756”. Later the rest of Henry Hughes set off across the Atlantic in search of better fortune. (more…)

Sunbathing + TV Confessions.

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We have this semi-trashy 70s skylight in our back room — the room that used to be a carport and is now sort of the sunroom/Lulu’s room/my office, which we very creatively call the Brick Room due to, uh, the brick floor — but for however weird the skylight is, the animals love it. LOVE IT. They both lounge in their little rectangle of sun on a daily basis. (more…)

10 Apr 2006

You Did Not Keep That Deep-sworn Vow.

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A Deep-sworn Vow
— William Butler Yeats

Others because you did not keep
That deep-sworn vow have been friends of mine;
Yet always when I look death in the face,
When I clamber to the heights of sleep,
Or when I grow excited with wine,
Suddenly I meet your face.

from The Wild Swans at Coole, 1919.

9 Apr 2006

Dear Chicago.

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I didn’t take many pictures while I was in Chicago. In fact, until Thursday, the last day I was there, I’d taken only one, and that was from my hotel room: (more…)

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