27 Feb 2006

Jaxxie’s Top Ten List of Awesome!

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Let’s give a collective hap-hap-happity birthday shout-out to Jaxxie Glam, who turns 13 Tuesday. Ok, so maybe I don’t know how old she is, but here is a top ten list of what I do know:

10. She throws a mean party.
9. She throws a mean punch as well.
8. She hearts Anderson Cooper.
7. She has a beautiful house with kitschy, yet tasteful furnishings.
6. Her dining room table wears socks.
5. Her dog makes awesome Jell-O shots.
4. She does not care for food of any Asian persuasion.
3. She will not consume eel in any form.
2. She was once employed as a Action Make-Out Girl Reporter on the Scene.
1. She is HOTT.

Happy birthday, Jax!

26 Feb 2006

A Few Rounds with the Universe.

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Game: Sally goes to Wal-Mart, puts an $8 lip gloss in her buggy, continues shopping, unloads cart at checkout, does not remember about $8 lip gloss until unloading bags into car, figures Wal-Mart is evil anyway and does not consider going in to pay for accidentally purloined $8 lip gloss, puts $8 lip gloss in bag with loaf of bread.

Sally 1
Universe 0

Game: When unloading groceries, Sally forgets about $8 lip gloss, removes loaf of bread from bag, wads up all bags and throws away.

Sally 1
Universe 1

Game: Sally remembers $8 lip gloss 6 hours later and asks Larry to dig through garbage to find accidentally purloined and now discarded $8 lip gloss. He finds it!

Sally 2
Universe 1

Game: Sally eagerly opens $8 lip gloss, applies, and is totally and utterly disappointed. $8 lip gloss is clumpy and, oh god, metallic. $8 lip gloss sucks. Sally hates $8 lip gloss.

Sally 2
Universe 2

Good game, Universe. Good game.

25 Feb 2006

Sounding Her Barbaric Yawp Over the Rooftops of the World.

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24 Feb 2006

Lynda Barry’s Super Right On!

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Do y’all know about Lynda Barry? Do you? She is a genius. Last night I found this comic that I carefully cut out of the Dallas Observer (in July 1992, apparently) and have toted around with me and put on bulletin boards because I love it so much: (more…)

23 Feb 2006

Louder than Bombs.

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Note to FBI: Morrissey ain’t a terrorist. However, he is still ill.

(Thanks to bulb for the link.)

Project Awesome.

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People, there’s something we have to discuss. It’s last night’s Project Runway reunion and Project Jay! (more…)

22 Feb 2006

Happy Anniversary to Us! And, Lost and Found.

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Last night Larry and I celebrated the two-year anniversary of our first date. Wait a minute, you may ask. Haven’t you and Larry been married a year and a half? Yes. Yes, we have. (more…)

21 Feb 2006

A Horrid, Awful Thing.

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I have been meaning to write a treatise on why the James Blunt song “You’re Beautiful” is a horrid, awful thing, and then I forget and I see the video or hear the song on the radio or see the incessant commercial on VH1 touting James Blunt and his “strangely angelic” voice as something I should revere instead of loathe, and then I get mad all over again and so here it is.

Why the James Blunt Song “You’re Beautiful” is a Horrid, Awful Thing
by Sally J. Nordan

20 Feb 2006

Happy Birthday to Vendela!

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Today let us celebrate the birth of one of the world’s best-smelling, most creative, most beautiful people, Ms. Vendela Rarebell! Super-hot mom of two, artist, friend, extremely blonde person . . . what else can I say? Well, there’s the fact that she has pretty handwriting, bakes a mean tomato pie, and has been my confidant for more years than seems possible. Vendela, I love you. Happy birthday!

19 Feb 2006

Sunday! (Actually Written on Sunday.)

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Don’t you love self-imposed rules that no one else gives a rat’s ass about? For instance, my blog resolution was to post every day this year. And I usually cheat and post weekend stuff late, then change the timestamp. And I make a big deal about it, as if you care.

So anyway. Not that it is important, but I am actually writing this on Sunday. Unlike most weekend posts.

This week I read Julian Barnes’s Talking It Over. I thought it was sort of fluffy and had a conceit that made it look easy to write: there are three characters, and they take turns telling the story. One of them (Oliver) is obviously a student of Nabokov and drops phrases in other languages in pretty much every other sentence. I bet that was fun to write. And Oliver loves the word “crepuscular,” which was fun to come across. I read along thinking, ok, ok, this is all right and all, and quite amusing and all that, and then I got to the very end and was awed. I recommend this book for two reasons:
1. recurring use of “crepuscular”
2. the last two pages, in which one of the three characters does something amazing out of love and pity for one of the other characters

Speaking of words, I have recently learned the word “mephitic,” and must pass along the goods to you as well. It means stinky. While mephitis is the odor itself, mephitic is what the odor is. Awesome! Mephite* it up!

*While there is no verb form of this word, I find that this alternative works well.

18 Feb 2006


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No, really, I’m totally writing this on Saturday.

Today I did the following:
— ate at the most delicious, inexpensive Southern buffet in the world with Gorjus: ribs, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, lots of other vegetables, banana pudding, etc etc, ad nauseum (literally) for $7
— went to see Match Point, which was a complete departure and a brilliant career move for Woody Allen. No jokes + no self-referential, autobiographical scenarios + being set in London = excellent. And there wasn’t one old guy getting it on with a young thang. Nary a one! I’m a huge WA fan, no matter what he does (uh, except for Alice), and I think Match Point is a movie that stands alone, apart from its WoodyAllenness.

Later tonight, I plan on going to the Cherokee for Vendela’s birthday celebration, then to the Red Room to see Herman’s band, Los Buddies. Hope to see y’all there! You know, in the future.

16 Feb 2006

Uncle Walt’s Notebooks.

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If any of you are wild for Walt Whitman, check out this super cool online exhibit from the Library of Congress. Be sure and check out the scans of the Hospital notebook, which Whitman kept while volunteering as a nurse during the Civil War.

The known universe has one complete lover and that is the greatest poet.

15 Feb 2006

Unrelated Wednesday Tidbittery.

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• I thought this was interesting.

• Mrs. George Ellis’s cookies get better over time. Not the Best, but Better.

• Has anyone ever had to interview people? Did you find the process exhilirating, fascinating? Man! All those nervous people — nervous people who are not me, I mean — trying really hard to think up a creative answer to the age-old questions, what are your strengths? what are your weaknesses? I could listen to candidates say hilarious things all effing day. And one day I will tell you all about the parade of hilarity that I was lucky enough to witness. Once I am sure that I don’t have to hire some of these losers, that is.

• Have y’all been watching American Idol? We haven’t been glued to it, but last night was a great night to watch, as we saw the AI pseudo-trailer for Brokenote Mountain, featuring the three singing cowboys, all with various schticks (jew cowboy, black cowboy, midget cowboy). Oh, and then when they all got booted they all cried and held each other. Priceless, although I will admit that I had to put a blanket over my head out of embarrassment.

• I love these people.

14 Feb 2006

A Valentine For My Husband.

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13 Feb 2006

Wickett’s Tricks.

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Yesterday I finished Wickett’s Remedy, Myla Goldberg’s (of Bee Season fame) latest novel. There are parts that I loved. Loved. And there are parts that, for the life of me, I don’t understand why she included. (more…)

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