31 Jan 2006

An Open Letter to Joe Pernice.

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Dear Joe Pernice,

You may want to sit down for this. (more…)

30 Jan 2006

Famous People, An Unrelated Thing, and a Question.

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Famous People:
GBV fans: read about Bob Pollard + Steven Soderbergh = love. He writes music for soundtracks now.

Our loss: Wendy Wasserstein died today.

Adorable: check out Harper Lee’s totally Scout-like haircut.

Unrelated Thing:
License plate spotted by gorjus, 1/28/06: S8N LYZ

When you were little, what did you imagine your teenage years were going to be like? And what, in retrospect, was this based on? I have a whole list of misconceptions about being a teenager, going to college, and being an adult. I’m interested to see if y’all did, too.

29 Jan 2006

Snore. It’s Sunday.

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I’ve spent today like I spend most every Sunday, doing the following things:

1. watching a movie/catching up on tivo with Larry
2. going to TJ Maxx and Marshalls
3. going to the grocery store
4. making dinner
5. baking something (more…)

28 Jan 2006

I Heart Eddie Rabbit.

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Bliss: it’s Saturday night, it’s storming out, I’m drinking a delicious Henry Weinhard’s Black Cherry Cream gourmet soda, and I’m about to go take a bath and read the newest Martha Stewart Living. Things could be so much worse.

27 Jan 2006


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I ran into my old buddy Tom last weekend. (more…)

25 Jan 2006

Hey Ma!

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A very strange man called me up yesterday looking for information on his father. He repeated everything he said as if he were rapping, or perhaps insane. Sample:

Me: And your name?
Him: My name? My name? My name or his name? My name or his name?
Me: Uh, your name.
Him: B-e-d, b-e-d, that’s b-e-d, Bedson, Bedson.
Me: And your first name?
Him: Merkell, Merkell, that’s spelled m-e-l-l-e-r-k, Merkell.*
Me: M-e-l-l-e-r-k?
Him: Yes.
Me: Ok, and what was his name?
Him: John Johnny John.
Me: (writing) Ok —
Him: (in background) Hey ma! What was dad’s name? No, dad’s name!
Ma: (jibber jabber)
Him: Ok, that’s James Johnny John. (pause) Johnson.
Me: Great! I’ll give you a call back when I find something.
Him: All right, all right, all right.
(hangs up)

*Not his real name, but it was a name I’ve never heard of, and was spelled with the two consonant sounds switched, like Merkell and Mellerk.

24 Jan 2006

Perusing the Book Catalogs.

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I’ve been looking through the spring and summer book catalogs today, and I have several brief things to report:

1. There are some really terrible books coming out this year. (more…)

22 Jan 2006

A Trip to the Country.

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I went out of town briefly this weekend; this is one of the things I saw.

21 Jan 2006

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Look at the Floons! Below!

20 Jan 2006

Floon Power.

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Just thought I’d show y’all what a couple of sweet Floons look like:

19 Jan 2006

Media Blitz!

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So yes, here is your jam-packed media blitz ramma lamma ding dong report for the past few weeks. (more…)

18 Jan 2006

Craft Update.

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I mentioned before that during the hurricane/power outage I went crazy and used 3000 beads to make a flower for my friend Lisa to use in her wedding bouquet. Here’s what it looked like: (more…)


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Here’s the photo I used when I entered Lulu in the Big Beautiful Nose contest.

She was third runner-up.

17 Jan 2006

A Mini Update. It Still Counts as Writing Something Today.

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I have all kinds of things to catch up on, like the past two books I’ve read and the one I’m reading now, and about going to see Brokeback Mountain, and about how Pete has been bathing Lulu’s face and ears and how it is so sweet, but the thing is, American Idol is on right now and I cannot tear myself away. People: I forsook Gilmore Girls for this shit.

Every year, I simply cannot get over how many people think that they can sing. I mean, you have to get up in front of people to do it! And when you can’t remember the words to “Blue Moon” and simply repeat the same line over and over, I mean, wow. That sucks. And yet. Here I am.

In unrelated news, today was supposed to be the Floon Twins’ due date! And they are now two months old and weighing in at six-and-a-half and five-and-a-half pounds like big old grown babies.

Also, if you emailed me today (or called and left a gurgly Muppet-type message, gorjus), sorry. I was in meetings and then I got out of them and went into other meetings. Then, when those were over, I went into some other meetings! Oh, and I ate some Cheetos.

The end.

16 Jan 2006


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Pete wants to wish you all a happy MLK, Jr. day.

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