30 Sep 2005

A Few Notes for a Friday.

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1. The left side of my hair didn’t do right today and I sort of look like Kristy McNicholl.
2. I went to Wal-Mart at lunch and got overcharged a couple of dollars on TWO DIFFERENT ITEMS, and I turned right around and stood in the customer service line to get my money back. If I got overcharged at some Mom and Pop place, hey, whatever. But at Wal-Mart, it feels like they do it on purpose.
3. In related news, once I was cashing a check in the bank drive-thru lane, and my check was for $12.01 or something, and they gave me the $12 but not the penny. I buzzed the teller and told her she forgot my penny, and boy was she mad. Hello, it’s my penny. And if you stole a penny from everyone, well, at the end of the day you could buy, you know, a donut or something.
4. I sort of hate that story because it is just exactly what my father would do.
5. I was thrilled to read on the Diplomat‘s blog that the state fair is having a KRYSTAL EATING CONTEST this year. I can’t wait! I am hoping someone will throw up, which will cause others to throw up, a la the story of Lardass in Stand by Me.
6. I’m thinking that maybe I have a problem with the whole wanting-to-see-vomit thing, because I just remembered how mad I was when we were on our honeymoon and Larry went on a fishing boat expedition where everyone but him and the crew got sick and threw up the whole time, and he didn’t take any pictures.

A Portrait, 1982.

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This picture of my brother and me utterly and completely sums up our parents’ divorce. It is perfect, a complete portrait. (more…)

Dear Survivor.

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Dear Survivor: Guatemala, (more…)

29 Sep 2005

TV Notes.

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Last night’s America’s Next Top Model was the episode I love the most each season: the makeover episode. I love it when pageant queens get their ass-long brown hair chopped off and dyed blonde! Pageant queen, meet Rosemary’s Baby.

Other things I love about this show: the awesome lesbian who, after getting her hair dyed, complained, “It’s too feminine. No boy has hair this color,” leading her friend to say, “Um, you’re not a boy”; Ms. J. Alexander, queen, who critiqued a girl’s photo and said “she looks like she’s getting an enema”; the abrasive and odd Lisa, who I want to win.

Horror: I just checked the website, and Lisa is the one who said her favorite magazine is Ladies’ Home Journal and that her favorite movie is “Corrina, Corrina.” Ok, so Liz was right: she was totally trying to be funny.

We also watched Lost last night, and it sort of got on my nerves that we only got 5 minutes of plot advancing. They take “flashback” to a whole new level. Let’s flashback what happened last week! But holy shit, did y’all see the previews for next week? THE OTHERS! Larry and I both sheepishly admitted that we had goosebumps.*

Hey, did anyone watch Extras last Sunday on HBO? Ricky Gervais = comic genius. What you missed: Kate Winslet, dressed as a nun, giving advice on how to talk dirty on the phone; Ricky Gervais making cerebral palsy jokes. If that’s not enough for you, then I just don’t know what it is that you people want from me.

*This horrible boy in my algebra class in high school used to say “chicken pimples,” a term I find absolutely repulsive.

28 Sep 2005

Wednesday’s RDA.

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Pete RDA:

This photo truly sums up the essence of Pete (or Peter, as I’ve been calling him): jaunty, spirited, semi-horrible. He loves sitting in a hole. Make a hole out of your blankets, and he is a sucker and will crawl in — and then will play with his own foot.

27 Sep 2005

Bob Dylan, or Bragging.

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Last week in my drawing class, the instructor told us excitedly that this week we’d be drawing a fall scene, complete with pumpkins, gourds, and Indian corn. Therefore, I was dreading last night’s class with the level of dread that usually leads me to abandon whatever project I’m dreading and instead watch 17 back-to-back reruns of The Real World while lounging on the couch. (more…)

26 Sep 2005

“It’s not the greenery turning gold in fall / The scenery circling the Mall.”

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I’m back from DC, and first things first, here is your RDA of Pete: (more…)

23 Sep 2005


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I’m going to DC this morning for the National Book Festival. If any of y’all are going to be in the area, swing on by the Pavilion of the States and say hi. I’ll be the one with the sassy new head whose name isn’t Sally.

Frenchie: something’s screwy with the new site and I can’t post pictures yet! So you’ll have to wait until next week for your RDA of Pete.
Meggers: come see me tomorrow!

Last night gorjus got an armful of Pete as Pete pounced on gorjus’s head, chewed on his arms, and untied his shoelaces. It is a testament to Pete’s cuteness that gorjus was bleeding and giggling at the same time. Seriously: if Lulu just looks at gorjus the wrong way he starts crying. So this is good.

Last night’s Survivor had the WORST CHALLENGE EVER. That mudpit thing sucked. I didn’t even understand it. If I didn’t get it, can you imagine how Bobby Jon felt?

Other television commentary coming soon: Lost, America’s Next Top Model, Martha Stewart Apprentice. Any thoughts?

22 Sep 2005

A New Head.

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Yesterday I took the day off in order to wallow around the house, fend off an impending cold, and get a haircut. Is there anything more luxurious than a middle-of-the-week day off? Answer: no.

The haircut? Is awesome. I’m not saying I look all that good, but I am saying that a good haircut can be completely restorative. I feel like I got a new head. My hairdresser, who never talks to me, was jumping up and down and clapping at the end of the haircut. That’s how much of a new head I got.

After the haircut, I got some coffee and was going home, and the radio was playing “Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard,” and it was sunny and there was a trashman picking up trash (and it looked like a Busy City Scene in any movie you’ve ever seen), and the part of the song where there’s whistling came on, and I thought, I’m going to take off every Wednesday.

I also got a new website out of the day. Welcome!

20 Sep 2005

Good Size.

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I went to my first drawing class last night. (more…)

19 Sep 2005

Weekend Recap # 1,000,001.

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Lulu is obsessed with putting her mouth on Pete. I didn’t know why until yesterday, when she picked him up by the scruff of his neck and tossed him toward her tummy, presumably so that he would start nursing. Ok, that is pretty sweet. The problem is that Pete is all you are so not my mother! and continues to claw her in the face. Like so: (more…)

16 Sep 2005

A Note.

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The dumbest conversation I’ve had all week:

Sally: …and let’s see, it looks like Francis and Sarah were both 15 on the 1900 Census, so maybe they’re twins.
Woman: Did they have twins back then?

I Love This Show.

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Last night Larry was out of town and I didn’t even have to pretend I wanted to wait until 6:30 or 7 to eat dinner, so I called Keifer’s on my way home (um… at five) and picked up some food. Then I watched the animals chase/claw/bite each other, and then I watched Survivor. (more…)

15 Sep 2005

“I Want Some Sardines,” and Other Essential Phrases.

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Yesterday I came across a charming little foreign phrase book called Say It In Esperanto. Published in 1957, it is the most hilariously thorough travel phrase book I’ve ever encountered. The author has thought of everything. (more…)

14 Sep 2005

I’m Out of the Shower.

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