31 Aug 2005

Jaxxon Hurricane Update.

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Thanks to everyone who emailed with concerns for our safety. It looks like everyone in our immediate families is ok, but either has a tree down in their yards, on their houses, or on their cars. (more…)

29 Aug 2005

Margaritas, Rednecks, and Sweaters: the Weekend Report.

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Before the hurricane sweeps in, knocks down all the trees, and cuts off the electricity, here’s the weekend report. (more…)

25 Aug 2005

So You Think You Can Watch This Show Even Though It’s Two Hours Long?

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I didn’t want to do this, but the lack of quality (read: ridiculous) reality shows is forcing me into this. I am now going to tell you about last night’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance. (more…)

22 Aug 2005

Weekend Recap # 1,000,000.

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It’s Monday morning, so here’s the non-scoop of what’s been going on. (more…)

19 Aug 2005

Dear Wes from The Real World: Austin.

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We’ve had a bunch of storms lately, the kind with really big raindrops. (more…)

17 Aug 2005

Wednesday TV Tidbittery.

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Some tv and movie notes from the past week or so. (more…)

The Memo Board.

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I was sitting at my desk here a moment ago trying to remember what it was I was going to tell you people about, and instead got distracted by the stuff that’s on my memo board. (more…)

15 Aug 2005

Last Chance v. Coila.

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I came across the names of some now-defunct Mississippi towns Friday afternoon. (more…)

13 Aug 2005

How Lulu Spent Her Saturday Morning.

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12 Aug 2005

A List.

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It’s still up for grabs, since it rained again and my Chinese pompom’s head is still hung in shame, but at least you can see it now. (more…)

11 Aug 2005

Chinese Pompom? Or Mediterranean Chacha?

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I am not a plant person; I like them, but I have no idea how much to water and when, and they always die. I managed to keep one plant alive for two years once, and then I moved from Missouri to Alabama with it and it died in the heat of the car. It would break my grandmother’s heart if she knew my dark secret. She knew so much about plants and trees; I always thought it was amazing that she could identify crops and trees we were passing in the car. (more…)

10 Aug 2005

The Best of Everything.

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9 Aug 2005

Noms de Hilarity.

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Briefly, three names I have come across today at work: (more…)

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