28 Jul 2005

Thursday Ephemera.

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Last night I turned on the tv around 10 and flipped through all the channels. In one flipping, which probably took about 7-8 minutes, I saw some brilliant things: (more…)

26 Jul 2005


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Two Things I Overheard This Morning Within a Span of Five Minutes, Thus Making My Day. (more…)


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So. Six Feet Under fans, what say you? What the hell was that? (more…)

25 Jul 2005

Mississippi: America’s State of Opportunity.

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I came across this book the other day and had to share with you some of what I found. Mississippi: America’s State of Opportunity is a rah-rah industry PR book put out by the Mississippi State Board of Development in 1944 in the hopes that business and industry would come to the state. I have to give them credit for one thing: they took a pile of crap and made it sound like diamonds. Every sentence is a testament to the perfection and utter paradise that is the state of Mississippi. (more…)

22 Jul 2005

Vera and Randy.

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Yesterday I mentioned that I once had to read Gravity’s Rainbow for a class in graduate school. (I was telling Larry this morning about the one part I remembered, and I think he was a little shocked for a moment.) (more…)

21 Jul 2005

Thursday Mishmash.

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20 Jul 2005

The Future of Cinema.

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So last night gorjus and I went to see The Wedding Crashers. (more…)

19 Jul 2005

Get Down On It.

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The other day I was coming back from the grocery store and the Cher song “Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves” came on the radio. I don’t think I’ve ever heard it from the very beginning, so I listened and tried to pay attention. (more…)

18 Jul 2005

Harry Potter and the Chocolate Factory.

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Larry and I went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory yesterday. Naysayers, just shut your faces. (more…)

15 Jul 2005

TB and the Choco Taco.

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The other night, I was watching TV and Larry came into the living room, mouth agape. (more…)

14 Jul 2005

Don’t Cha?

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Mrs. Floon has the most awesome, vivid dreams. In one of my favorites, I have come to visit, but I have allergies, and so to accomodate this, she fixes me up a bed in a pie plate, and puts me in the freezer. (more…)

12 Jul 2005

Cringe-Free ’til 2023.

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Has anyone seen The 70s House on Mtv? (more…)

11 Jul 2005

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As always, the password to read the story below is what the password always is.


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Sunday I was a homebody. (more…)

9 Jul 2005

Food-Related Photography.

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In the spirit of my brother’s penchant for food photography, here are two things:

One, the ice cream cake my mother made (that’s peppermint ice cream, chocolate cake, and the thickest, stickiest fudge icing ever):

Two, I am totally buying him this for his birthday.

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