31 May 2005

Mystery, Manners, and Memorial Day.

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On Friday I pretended to work and instead read Flannery O’Connor’s Mystery and Manners using my patented Fake Researchâ„¢ method. The method entails the following: (more…)

27 May 2005


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My friends Cathy and Anna recently went on a cruise with 5 other girls. (more…)

26 May 2005

Some Recent Conversations I Have Overheard and/or Taken Part In.

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24 May 2005

Amsterdam & Sunday.

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So I started and finished Ian McEwan’s Amsterdam yesterday. What a rip! (more…)

23 May 2005

The Devil in the White City.

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I finally finished another book. (more…)

21 May 2005

La Fenetre Enterprises.

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Because it’s Saturday and we never have any new content on the weekends, here’s another picture of Lulu Mae Barnes looking out the window. (more…)

9 May 2005

“I Fell Down.”

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Friday night gorjus invited Larry and me over to his friend MM’s house for their weekly supper club.

UPDATE! New, more grotesque picture! (more…)

6 May 2005


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Dear Larry,
While I understand English and know why you came home from work last night at 7:45, only to leave again at 8:30, the dog does not.

This is what happened after you came home, watched the last 15 minutes of Survivor, ate pizza, then left with gorjus to go to Jaysus‘s birthday/Cinqo de Mayo celebration: (more…)

5 May 2005

Believe Me, I Know What You’re Saying.

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Television notes, the week of May 1. (more…)

3 May 2005

Why I Love Fiestaware.

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I was about to sit down to a hearty dinner of — well, you’ll see — when I decided to take a picture of it. This is the reason I have Fiestaware. Just think: if you had chosen wisely, you too could color coordinate each meal with your dishes. Some foods just look ugly on certain plates. This is an issue that concerns me, obviously, as I have taken great pains to avoid it: (more…)