30 Apr 2005

Goodbye, NPM.

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Two from Raymond Carver (1938-1988).

29 Apr 2005


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Even though she does not read this website, because today is her birthday, here are a couple of photobooth pictures of my friend Heidi and me in disguise at a Kmart, c. 1991. (more…)

Distracted by Expectation.

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Once, when I shared an office with Mr. Floon, he was sitting at my desk looking at my calendar and I had these first three lines written in the margin. He said, Did you write this? I said no. Oh, he said. That’s too bad. I thought you were a secret genius. (more…)

28 Apr 2005

A Non-Essential Riling.

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Last night I was trying to finish up a top secret research project and talk to Larry at the same time. We have a mystery light in our house with no lightswitch to control it (the light has a fixture, lightbulbs, etc., but no switch). I vaguely heard him say something about cutting a hole in the wall, but my mind was fixed on the top secretness….and the fact that America’s Next Top Model was about to come on. (more…)

A Way of Happening.

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Only three more days, my friends, three more days. Can you quit your bitching now? (more…)

27 Apr 2005

Trade of Charms.

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I usually hate it when writers refer to what they do as their “craft,” but since it’s Dylan Thomas, I’ll give him a break. (more…)

26 Apr 2005

Sudden Dashes Whenever We Spoke.

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A special poem dedicated to gclark. (more…)

25 Apr 2005

Down with CMD.

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Today Mississippi “celebrates” the absolutely worst holiday ever by closing state-run agencies and institutions. (more…)

Sumptuous Moment.

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23 Apr 2005

The Window.

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22 Apr 2005


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In which Billy Collins encourages you to write in your library books for his amusement. (more…)

21 Apr 2005

Buggy v. Cart.

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I’ve seen this quiz on several blogs, and after doing it and discovering with no surprise or suspense that I was 65% General American English and 35% Dixie, it reminded me of when my friend edward (he insists on having his name in lowercase), who is from the Midwest, came to visit me when I lived in Birmingham. (more…)

Oh, Horrible!

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I love bad poems. (more…)

20 Apr 2005

The Heaven of Mercury.

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I finished Brad Watson’s The Heaven of Mercury yesterday. Wow. (more…)

That Quiet Look.

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