26 Feb 2005

What I Did Friday Night.

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25 Feb 2005

The Final Solution.

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I just read, in about 45 seconds, The Final Solution by Michael Chabon. (more…)

22 Feb 2005

Avoiding an Ordinary Life.

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I finished Susan Orlean’s The Orchid Thief last night. I was determined to finish it yesterday—not that it wasn’t good, but I want to be immersed in fiction at the moment, not, you know, informative and entertaining non-fiction. Without my deep love of the movie Adaptation, I would never have chosen this book. I’ve already read my share of the minutiae books, The Botany of Desire and the like (books that examine one minute thing–there’s one about a pencil, one about dust, etc). (more…)

21 Feb 2005

Classy Wedding Food.

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The following photo, another food shot from my brother, may not qualify as high art. Just thought you all should know so no one gets confused or aesthetically offended.

Larry had one wish: to have a massive platter of Krystal cheeseburgers at his wedding.

All you recently engaged internet friends: feel free to steal our high class idea.

18 Feb 2005

The Movie Stub Book.

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Apparently, in October of 1989, I made a crucial decision without really thinking about it: instead of throwing away my movie ticket stub for Sex, Lies, and Videotape, which I saw with Vicki Nelson and two other girls, I kept it. The next time I saw a movie, I stashed the stub with the first. And so on, until the pile had to be given a tiny box, and then a bigger box, and then I compulsively started putting them in chronological order, and then I made a master list in my diary of who I went to each movie with, and then a few years ago I bought a sketchbook and glued them all in there. (more…)

17 Feb 2005

Sam Nordan’s Bacon-Wrapped Heart.

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This is from a meal at Abuelo’s, my mother’s favorite restaurant. Here we feature potato casserole, spinach casserole, and bacon-wrapped filets and shrimp.

15 Feb 2005

Interpreter of Maladies.

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I was going to write a mini-review of Jhumpa Lahiri’s Interpreter of Maladies, which I finished this weekend, but all I really have to say about it was that I mostly enjoyed it. There was one story that I really liked, “When Mr. Pirzada Came to Dine”; in it, a girl prays for the first time by eating a piece of candy. The candy becomes the prayer itself, and she has to wet her toothbrush so her parents will think she’s brushed her teeth. If she actually brushed them, the prayer would melt away. (more…)

Sam Nordan Food Shot #2!

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Back by popular demand. Did I mention that my brother is a health food nut?

14 Feb 2005

Happy Valentine’s Day from theohreally.

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I’ve put together five of my favorite poems for Valentine’s Day (some are repeats from last year’s National Poetry Month posts). Find your relationship status and read the poem that corresponds appropriately. Print ’em out and give ’em to your loved one (or yourself–I had the first poem taped to my bathroom mirror for years). Valentine’s Day is only as painful as you let it be (did you hear that, Larry? you better be kidding about the toilet brush being my present). (more…)

Rogue Wave at Martin’s. Part I.

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I have tried for two days to write about the Rogue Wave show Friday night, but everything turns out boring. So here is a list of the things I would’ve talked about had I been able to form coherent sentences that humans might want to read:

1. Gram is cool.
2. His sister Camille came in from Little Rock for the show.
3. I saw Jaysus walk up to her and say, Um, are you Sally?
4. I have never felt more popular.
5. I listened to .08 seconds of the opening band before getting more beer.
6. I used my beer bottle to make gorjus have a pig nose in time with the music.
7. I learned that the band never plays “Be Kind + Rewind” because the singer hates the way his voice sounds.
8. Even though Larry Ferrari had to work all weekend, he stayed for the whole show.
9. During the second song, I was not impressed when Spilly McBeerthrower’s brother spewed a mouthful of beer all over the singer.
10. Neither was the band.
11. They played my favorite songs, “Nourishment Nation” and “Every Moment.”
12. Blythe, a Rogue Wave fan and apparently a theohreally fan as well (or was she just drunk?), kept turning to me, pointing at Gram, and screaming, he’s precious!
13. Their encore was “Everyday,” the Buddy Holly song.
14. After the show I found it important to point out that James Taylor has also covered this song.
15. I’m hoping that later today, Jaysus will post some of the pictures he took over at youhavebeenwarned.

See? I told you I couldn’t write about this for some reason. However, Jaxxie, our Make Out Girl Reporter On the Scene, has a story to tell. Read below!

9 Feb 2005

Big Daddy.

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7 Feb 2005

Released from Enchantment.

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The moment you’ve all been waiting for has finally come: I finished Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell this weekend. (more…)

Our Ding Dong.

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Happy birthday to gorjus, aka Ding Dong, aka The Blonde Monkey! (more…)

3 Feb 2005

Project Runway!

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So the best show in the world was on again last night.

2 Feb 2005

It’s So Simple.

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Last night after I’d gotten ready for bed, I read for awhile, but the weight of the massive tome was making me sleepy.

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