31 Jan 2005

No-Money Saturday and Movie Sunday.

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28 Jan 2005


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26 Jan 2005

A Quaint Doodle and the PR Report.

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21 Jan 2005

The Sarcastic Grandmother.

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Larry and I are going to my grandmother’s house tomorrow morning for a day and night of rest and relaxation.

20 Jan 2005

A Bunny in the Attic, A Dog in the House.

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So Larry called from work yesterday to announce two things, both critter-related.

18 Jan 2005

Another Weekend Recap.

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The weekly report of what happened on the weekend. This week: more of the same. Warning: This is so hideously boring.

14 Jan 2005

Movies, Books, TV.

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12 Jan 2005

Home Remedies.

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A few months ago I posted some handy superstitions to faciliate life in this harsh world.

Today’s superstitions have to do with curing what ails you. Sure, you could seek medical attention, but why bother? Save some money and do it the 600-year-old British way.

11 Jan 2005

The Changeability of Life (according to Ian McEwan).

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This morning I finished a fantastic book. So fantastic that I woke up many times in the night and wondered if it was too early to officially turn the light on and continue reading.

7 Jan 2005

An Indictment. Finally.

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Edgar Ray Killen was arrested for the murders of Michael Schwerner, Andrew Goodman, and James Chaney last night. It only took 40 years, but hey. Read about it here.

PS: Don’t be put off by having to register. You should probably read the New York Times anyway.

5 Jan 2005

Morrissey’s Favorite Book.

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I have a feeling my self-induced reading challenge is going to go over about as well as National Poetry Month. (Speaking of, April is just a few short months away!)

3 Jan 2005

Meet Daniel Pecan Cambridge.

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I would like to formally invite you all to welcome in the new year with a great little book.