31 Dec 2004

Happy New Year, theohreallyians!

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Have a safe and drunken new year’s, why don’t you?

And happy birthday to Woodroe, whose birthday is always filled with drunkenness, merriment, vomiting, and making out.

21 Dec 2004

Happy Birthday, Gene Clark!

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Today is Gene Clark’s 34th birthday. Damn, but that sumbitch is old.

14 Dec 2004

Plantation Style.

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Last week there was a discussion about Bunny Bread, and when jp! pointed out the special “Plantation” formula of Bunny Bread, it reminded us all that Southern offensiveness is still alive and well. Here is photographic proof of said bread.

Obliviousness = Hilarious Timing.

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On Friday night, Larry, Jaxxie, gorjus, and I ran into our realtor, Paulie, who took a shine to gorjus. It is really not my fault. Really.

8 Dec 2004

Supreme Court Material.

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Our friend La Cat has recently moved to Phoenix, where she hates her job. While she is miserable, her emails are fucking hilarious.

Tuesday Night: Dinner and Cornhusks.

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Last night, gorjus took Larry and me to dinner–I tried to get him to take us somewhere cheap, but as he uttered the words I didn’t do anything for your wedding I decided it was perfectly ok for him to take us to an expensive dinner. Even though he was, you know, our minister.

7 Dec 2004

The Chicken Speaks!

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Warning: if you are a vegetarian, you may find offense with this post. In that case, heed this warning. I want no comments about how Eating Chicken is Wrong.

6 Dec 2004

The Golden Girls vs. Spam.

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bulb sent out an email directing us to look at Choose the Blue, a website that reports what political parties companies donated to–and how much.


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A few weeks ago, Larry called on his way to work and excitedly told me the following, which made no sense:

You have to go the long way to work and pass State Street and Woodrow Wilson. There’s a man with a dummy and a huge sign and it’s about Jesus and the dummy and…you have to see it. Bring your camera.

2 Dec 2004

Annoyances: II.

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