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30 Nov 2005

Jerry Robertson: Sultan of Love.

Written by sally @ 10:51 am — Section: sally

I was looking for information on some dude (this is, in essence, what I do for a living) and I came across the birth, marriage, and divorce records for some other dude who has the same name as the first dude. And dude was busy! Pay close attention to the dates here.

Arthur L. and Marie S. Robertson are pleased to announce the birth of their son, Jerry Randall, on September 15, 1948.

Jerry Randall Robertson, 19, married Brenda L. Dixon, 19, on April 13, 1968.
They had two children, born in 1969 and 1972.
They divorced on May 28, 1975.

Jerry Randall Robertson, 26, married Brenda B. DeLane*, 21, on July 11, 1975.
They divorced on May 19, 1980.

Jerry Randall Robertson, 34, married Annette K. Smith, 41, on February 4, 1983.
She had two sons, 25 and 23, from previous relationships.
They divorced December 30, 1983.

Jerry Randall Robertson, 35, married Martha J. Davis, 33, on January 31, 1984.
They divorced September 14, 1984.

Jerry Randall Robertson, 36, married Deborah H. Mason, 26, on September 27, 1984.

*Brenda B. DeLane Robertson later married Samuel Cox on April 14, 1982.
They divorced on June 30, 1987.
Brenda B. DeLane Robertson Cox married Jonathan Beaton on March 3, 1991.

7 Responses to “Jerry Robertson: Sultan of Love.”

  1. larry ferrari said:

    I really want to see what this family tree looks like.

  2. gorjus said:

    I can tell you: a long vertical line.

  3. sally said:

    You have to give the man credit for believing in the power of marriage…even if he kept getting divorced every 6 months. At least he’s not a commitmentphobe.

  4. edward said:

    I’m going to go ahead and diagnose seasonal affective disorder (SAD). JR is burdened by two seemingly diametrically-opposed feelings: (a) the desire to be taken care of over the cold winter months and (b) the vernal euphoria once the ground thaws (mating season). He’s a victim, not a player. Also: Martha J. Davis was a whore.

  5. larry ferrari said:

    From Dr. Katz:

    Ben: Dad, I think I have S.I.D.S.
    Dr. Katz: (puzzled) Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Ben?
    Ben: I mean S.A.D.S

    Admittedly, this was a whole lot funnier when I didn’t know there was really a SADS.

  6. sally said:

    I think it’s obvious that Brenda B. DeLane is the whore here, not Martha J. Davis.

  7. gorjus said:

    Actually . . . they’re all pretty un-whorish. I mean, they were all married! That’s the way God intended, right?