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28 Jun 2005

The Fortune Cookie.

Written by sally @ 9:57 am — Section: sally

So last week we got good news in the Nordan-Ferrari household: Larry had his annual review at work and it went very well.

We had Chinese food to celebrate (ok, so we were going to have Chinese food anyway). When Larry opened his fortune cookie, he was delighted to find this:

Your optimism and enthusiasm will pay off today.

I opened mine, read it, and didn’t say anything. I put it on the coffee table and pretended to be interested in whatever was on tv. Larry read my fortune and fell over laughing. It said:

It’s easier to be critical than correct.

Damn cookies. They’re just so fucking wise, you know?

Last night’s Six Feet Under was perfect as usual. Well, if by “perfect” you mean inspiring in its viewers that special blend of terror, pity, and delight. Does anyone watch it? Are you as impressed as I am that a television show can employ the use of literary devices such as symbols without being heavyhanded or awkward?

I recommend you all go visit Steve, Don’t Eat It. Hang in there until you reach the huitlacoche. It’s worth it.

I have professed my undying love for Slate many times, but really, go read this installment of Emily Yoffe’s Human Guinea Pig: Song of the Damned. After you read the article, be sure and listen to the results. Then scroll to the bottom and read all the other installments. In the words of Tom Cruise, I love this woman! She’s magnificent! I’ve got to tell you something, I’m not going to hide it. I’m not going to pretend.

7 Responses to “The Fortune Cookie.”

  1. The Diplomat said:

    Are you as impressed as I am that a television show can employ the use of literary devices such as symbols without being heavyhanded or awkward?

    that is the funniest thing I have read all day. Like when the waitress at the diner asks the surrogate, “Are you done with your eggs?”

  2. gorjus said:

    HA! Also: Larry got a fortune cookie. I think you got an Admonishment Cookie.

  3. sally said:

    So you think that line was heavyhanded and awkward? Dude, that’s just FUNNY.

    But regarding symbols: I’m thinking that on any other show, a bird flies in the house and someone would be compelled to say, “But what does it MEAN?!” and I adore the fact that on this show no one does, even though we all know that the bird is fraught with meaning.

  4. poobou said:

    I love Six Feet Under. LOVE. IT. I love how the writers have totally shifted my opinion of the characters has since the show first started: I don’t like Claire that much anymore (on her way to junkie-town), I’m starting to “get” Brenda (does that mean I’m getting old?), and I am fascinated by Ruth (who I used to think was boring).

    However, after watching last night’s episode, I went on to have disturbing dreams last night about a psycho/abusive Peter Krause (Nate) in my house. Which was, um, not so pleasant.

  5. sally said:

    Nate can come to my house anytime he wants. For reals. I’ve told Larry that the day Nate shows up, I’m gone, and I’m sorry.

  6. herman rarebell said:

    congratulations, larry. just don’t let yourself get caught up in the fast paced glitz and glamour of best wok and forget all us little people.

  7. gorjus said:

    “I’m gone, and I’m sorry.” That’s perfect. That’s exactly what you should say.