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21 Jun 2005


Written by sally @ 10:09 am — Section: sally

So the Killen jury is deliberating, and last night they were deadlocked, 6-6. Killen’s lawyer is apparently considering it a “victory” at this point; Killen himself is “pleased.”

UPDATE: Killen was found guilty of manslaughter on all three counts! Read gorjus‘s take.

From today’s article, reporting on Jim Hood’s closing statements:

“These acts were sanctioned by this defendant,” Hood said, pointing at Killen and calling him a “coward” who hid in the funeral home to create an alibi.

Killen could be seen mouthing the words, “Son of a b- – – -.”

Whatever the verdict (oh god oh god please let him be found guilty), Edgar Ray Killen is a nasty, nasty old man.

In other news, because nothing goes better with 40-year-old civil rights murder cases than dumb television, Celebrity Charades was awesome last night. Did anyone see it? It was adorable. I actually laughed out loud — this never happens when I’m watching tv. It’s only thirty minutes, and apparently it’s on every night this week on AMC.

So after that was over, I flipped over to Hell’s Kitchen, and after the delightful, non-mean program I had been watching, where the greatest conflict is the fact that Jill Clayburgh is the worst charade-doer in the history of the world, I couldn’t stomach the nastiness and constant conflict of Hell’s Kitchen. I discovered that I don’t care if Mary Ellen cannot cook risotto or if that punk Andrew forgot the endive. Worse than the yelling is the absolutely boring nature of the challenges: the teams had to set a table. Are you fucking kidding me?

Let’s compare:

Good television: On Project Runway, contestants must make a dress out of corn.
Bad television: On Hell’s Kitchen, contestants must cook corn.

6 Responses to “Nastiness.”

  1. gorjus said:

    Woot!! On good teevee, that is. Not the ERK news . . . I’m worried that at any minute we’re going to hear that he’s off the hook.

    Which, there’s just not a lot of strong evidence. OTHER THAN HIM SAYING HE DID IT FOR FORTY YEARS.

  2. bulb said:

    Just saw Jeopardy interrupted on WTVA to learn guilty of Manslaughter on all 3 counts.

  3. gclark said:

    wow. it seems like this trial started and ended damn quickly. maybe i’m just used to most media-spectaclesque trials lasting months and months, a’la m jackson.

    anyone see this last week?


  4. sally said:

    I am so relieved! Manslaughter isn’t as good as murder, but it’ll do.

    This made me laugh, especially after watching part of the trial the other day and seeing him do this a lot:

    “Killen said nothing and showed no emotion, but moved his lips up and down as the verdict was read on each of the three counts.”

  5. lucy said:

    I’m not sure what that even means; moved his lips up and down? I just can’t get a good visual.

  6. jaysus said:

    RTV ALERT>>>
    one of my bullpenmates was talking this morning (in a dastardly manner) about a certain “JW” who is a ‘contestant’ on I Want To Be A Hilton.
    he’s from the hamlet of byram. here’s his bio:
    she says he’s a schmo. on reality tv? surely not!