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19 Jan 2011

6IBCPC Fan Club. Members: 1.

Written by sally @ 12:22 pm — Section: sally

Yesterday I received an order from Crate and Barrel that was missing one of the very important items that I bought (all on sale during a free shipping event). While it was Crate and Barrel’s error, it is embarrassing to call customer service and say, “Oh, hello. I did not receive my 6-inch bone china pine cone.” Then the customer service person has to keep saying “6-inch bone china pine cone,” as in “We can replace the 6-inch bone china pine cone if they are still available” and “Oh, what luck. The 6-inch bone china pine cone is available” and “I am sorry you did not receive your 6-inch bone china pine cone in your original order.”

However, in three to five days, what will I have in my hot little hand? A 6-inch bone china pine cone, that’s what. And oh, how my life will be better for it.

One Response to “6IBCPC Fan Club. Members: 1.”

  1. bulb said:

    Ha that piece reminds of the now unobtainable candle refill insert for the Magnolia petal which was Aspen Bay’s original signature item. Except, of course, your pine cone is thinner, longer, and not made of wax. But they’re sorta the same. It’s all the dimples I guess. Ironically Aspen Bay’s pine cone candle looks nothing like either!