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1 Feb 2010

Dinner Report.

Written by sally @ 9:55 am — Section: sally

I made this for dinner and these for dessert yesterday. Both are awesome, although the cookies were definitely easier. That lasagna almost did me in, especially because I was trying to get it on the table in time for babydinner. While I might not make this exact sauce again (seriously, that’s a lot of steps), I will definitely do the part about ricotta + parmesan + egg in the food processor again instead of just glopping hunks of ricotta in my future lasagnas.

Yup, that’s all I got.

Edited to add:
A note about the cookies: as much as I follow recipes, there is always a part of me that thinks I know better, and so when I read “space two inches apart” I thought “nah, I can cram in a few more,” and thus ended up with a cookie sheet filled with one giant interconnected cookie. This is fine, except when I cut them up I apparently made them into squares, and then when a friend came over she thought I had made a bunch of hash browns. Mmm, a tasty dessert treat: the hash brown.

A note about the lasagna: I ate some for lunch today and it was ten times better than it was last night. Which means I will suffer through all the various steps again one day.

Edited again to add:
These additions did not particularly help this post.

2 Responses to “Dinner Report.”

  1. La Federala said:

    The lasagna recipe looks good. I make it with a bechamel sauce and plain ol ragout (homemade of course)and parmesan. Its a pain in the boot, but it freezes very very well….
    ps… hash brown cookies = yum

  2. Mix said:

    I have a good lasagna recipe that involved only using a jar of Newman’s Own marinara rather than making my own red sauce. I know it’s lame, I know it’s a short cut, but it’s so easy. No heating involved!