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11 Dec 2008

Three Only Remotely Interesting Items.

Written by sally @ 10:22 am — Section: Uncategorized

1. It’s snowing! And weirdly enough, it seems to be sticking to the ground a little.

(Note: this was seen on a truck…a big fucking truck.)

3. I am in need of several things: something to read and something to listen to. Requirements for a book: fiction, non-stupid, will consume my thoughts. Requirements for music: jangly with mopey lyrics. Recommend, why don’t you.

8 Responses to “Three Only Remotely Interesting Items.”

  1. SaraLeah said:

    Book – The Black Brook by Tom Drury

    I read it along with several other books that were required for James’ Fiction Workshop and it was my favorite. Did I tell you that I just finished Nancy Mitford’s “Don’t Tell Alfred”? I really did love it. I’ve started on “Christmas Pudding” this week, but the edition is in Large Print so I have to hold it really far from my face to read it or I get dizzy. Which looked really strange to everyone in the coffee shop the other day.

    Music – What about some M. Ward? He usually satisfies my jangly/ morose cravings. I can send you a mix ifyou like.

  2. Professor Fury said:

    Two book recommendations:

    1. The Boy Detective Fails, by Joe Meno. Amazing and weird and funny, and maybe a little summary-defying. A former boy detective in the Encyclopedia Brown mold, now an adult, gets out of his mental institution to solve the mystery of his sister’s suicide.

    2. Chris Bachelder, U.S.! I know, I’ve been recommending this for years. But you’ll both laugh and cry.

  3. jrb said:

    The Walkmen. Jangly at its finest.

  4. Karlos said:

    Jangly/Mopey – How about the Housemartins?

  5. liz said:

    Is that for Liz’s Big Fucking Truck? Awesome.

    Book: American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld.
    Music: How about some Kings of Leon?

  6. melinda said:

    Liz beat me to it: American Wife, but Sittenfeld! So, SO good.

  7. melinda said:

    I meant “by Sittenfeld.” But you probably got that.

  8. Sara Leah said:

    Professor Fury – Have you read Bachelder’s Bear V. Shark? It was also on the list for James fiction workshop, along with Arsonists Guide and Michael Griffith’s Bibliophia. I really enjoyed it.