5 Jul 2016

Paging Dr. Deere.

Written by sally @ 12:10 pm — Section: sally

Just a quick note: my grandmother was telling me about her dentist, how he’s Theresa’s husband. She couldn’t remember his last name.

“Isn’t it Deere?”

“I mean, that’s a name and all, but that’s not it,” my grandmother said.

“I’m pretty sure it’s Denton Deere,” I said. If I were one to use adverbs I’d say I said this smugly.

So a moment ago Google and I set out to prove that I was right and this 91-year-old woman was wrong, and discovered this:

1. Denton Deere isn’t a dentist, he’s a plastic surgeon.
2. He’s a plastic surgeon in Ellen Raskin’s 1978 novel The Westing Game.

So. Not only am I losing my mind, but the fictional characters are moving in (to be fair, I read The Westing Game about a thousand times, and one of those thousand times was a few months ago). Can’t wait to go see my endocrinologist, Dr. T.J. Eckelstein. Or is it Dr. Joe Martin?