15 Oct 2005

Pete Loves Doorframes.

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He also loves legs (preferably the kind that are still attached to the body and not found on the side of the road, then buried) and will attempt to scale yours if you come over.

14 Oct 2005


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Does it make me a bad person that, while cleaning out some department files, most of which I actually opened and read, I didn’t think twice about throwing away the Jerry Clower file in its entirety?

What about the fact that I snorted uncomfortably at the file called “Mississippi — Negroes” and the fact that in all the articles from the 30s and 40s, the black people are quoted in dialect?

What about the fact that I have become entranced with a murder case from 1936 in which a woman’s legs were found on the side of the road…and then buried? Headline: “Severed Legs Given Burial Tuesday Morn.”

Sometimes I really, really like my job.

Unrelated postscript: Um, click here if you want to have to wash your eyeballs with soap and water afterwards.

Sally TV.

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All the shows you missed this week on STV. (more…)

13 Oct 2005

“Dumb Bitches, They Get On My Nerves.”

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America’s Next Top Model is finally getting good. There are nine girls left, so you can at least sort of remember who everybody is, at least with handy tags like “the big girl” or or “the one with buck teeth” or “the girl with the god-awful fucking eyebrows who looks like a man.” (more…)

11 Oct 2005

Art School Pamphlet Code.

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I have almost nothing to report about my drawing class last night. Most everyone ditched class, so it was just the kindergarten teacher and two of the women who want to continue their journeys through art. (more…)

10 Oct 2005

Things That Are Not Awful, Part II.

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This morning I was finishing a boring/arduous task and playing a game called Try to Finish This Without Having to Stop to Go to the Bathroom. I worked at a luggage store in college, and see-who-can-hold-it-the-longest was a popular, if not unhealthy, game my fellow luggage salespeople and I would play (along with baseball using a piece of chewed gum). Apparently not going to the bathroom has always been a source of pride for me; my mother reports that I used to run home from school and say “I didn’t go today!” like it was, you know, something to boast about. (more…)

The 1910 Occupation Statistics, or How I Entertain Myself.

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I was looking at the occupation statistics from the 1910 U.S. Census on Friday afternoon (isn’t that how you all waste time at work?) and I found some pretty entertaining information. (more…)

9 Oct 2005

Sunday Morning with Pete and Lulu.

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7 Oct 2005

The Bridal Helmet.

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Ok, so let’s say you find yourself on a bunch of committees at work, and that one of them is the, um, Fun Times Committee. And let’s say that because your company moved into a different building a few years ago, everybody has a chartreuse hard hat in their office. And let’s say that a member of the Fun Times Committee said, I know, let’s have a hard hat decorating contest. And let’s say that you rolled your eyes and tried to point out that this was a horrendous idea that apathetic employees would not participate in, but that the rest of the committee thought was a great idea, and so you had to decorate a hard hat.

How would you decorate your hard hat? (more…)

6 Oct 2005

I Know Your Plans Don’t Include Me.

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5 Oct 2005

Wednesday Tidbit-o-Matic.

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• First, I know I keep saying that Extras (starring my boyfriend Ricky Gervais) is a really good show. But last night I watched the latest episode, and now I am convinced that it is THE FUNNIEST SHOW OF ALL TIME. (more…)

4 Oct 2005

Fall TV Roundup!

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So all the new fall shows have begun, and yet I am lukewarm about most of them. I think my senses were dulled by watching week after week of So You Think You Can Dance and The 70s House. (more…)

Drawing Class, Part Three.

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So last night’s drawing class didn’t suck. Weird. (more…)

3 Oct 2005


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This weekend I finished Rats: Observations on the History and Habitat of the City’s Most Unwanted Inhabitants by Robert Sullivan. I have said before that I find these minutiae books fascinating; this one was (mostly) no exception. (more…)


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Pete is sending in this photo for next season’s America’s Next Top Cat Model:

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