2 Nov 2005

Wednesday Tidbit-a-Go-Go.

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• Larry and I are going to Memphis this weekend for a nonagenarian’s birthday party. It’s Larry’s grandmother’s birthday, but unfortunately, her name isn’t Nana — ’cause it would be rad to go to a nanagenarian’s party instead. (more…)

Welcome, Floon Twins!

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So my best friend had a couple of babies this morning. (more…)

1 Nov 2005


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Have you nerds seen this? It’s Pepys’s blog. What an awesome idea.

31 Oct 2005

Two Books.

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Spooky Halloween Stories!

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The Disembodied Puppy Head, or How Lulu Spent Her Sunday.

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So yesterday Lulu and Ziggy, the puppy next door, put their heads together and came up with a plan. (more…)

30 Oct 2005

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27 Oct 2005


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Not Terribly Funny or Interesting Notes on Last Night’s Top Model: (more…)

26 Oct 2005

Fire in the Hole.

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Larry’s office is in a house in a residential neighborhood (it’s temporary while they renovate their real office), and their next door neighbors are some rednecks from Alabama. I’d heard about them, about how they glare at Larry whenever they see him and park their monster truck in the yard and have impressive mullets. But last Friday I got to see them, and they did not disappoint. (more…)

25 Oct 2005

Pete Update.

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Pete has been a busy boy: he has fallen in the toilet once and the tub twice, has continued his hatred of doorframes and insists on jumping on them whenever possible, and has committed himself to the art of bunny-kicking a dog’s face. (more…)

20 Oct 2005

A Moron, A Cadaver, and a Muppet.

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Thank god things are picking up: last night’s ANTM included fighting, tears, and girls who do not know the definition of the word “vice.” (more…)

19 Oct 2005


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Lulu loves Pete, but last night she was creeping me out with the stalkeresque way she was watching him as he slept.

18 Oct 2005

Kill Me Now.

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I hate to be the one to tell y’all this, but there’s an alarming, disturbing new trend. It’s called bumper nuts. (more…)

17 Oct 2005

Afterlife, Schmafterlife + A New Book.

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I finally finished a book!

Remember when I was going to read 52 books in 52 weeks? Ha! (more…)

Never Again.

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I started a list in 1999 of the kinds of boys I would no longer date. I kept adding to it through the years; the last item was added sometime in 2003. The list, verbatim: (more…)

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