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4 Dec 2007

Catching Up.

Written by sally @ 9:32 am — Section: sally

So Larry ran the marathon on Saturday, and did not die after all! That stretcher I rented came in handy, however, as I got sleepy at the finish line waiting for him. Actually, some dude did need a stretcher, and others were wheeled away in wheelchairs, and others were weeping as they leaned on Official Marathon Personnel and were escorted away. Larry was a trooper, though, and not only finished in under four hours, but was still walking around at 9:00 that night! Go Larry!

In completely unrelated news, here is a brief quiz.

What bizarre Christmas duet did I hear on the radio this morning? (No internet cheating, jerks!)

a. Celine Dion and Elvis Costello singing “The First Noel”
b. Charlotte Church and the ghost of Bing Crosby singing “Adeste Fidelis”
c. Mick Jagger and Barbra Streisand singing “Silver Bells”
d. Chris Isaak and Stevie Nicks singing “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”

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3 Responses to “Catching Up.”

  1. Lucy said:

    What an imagination you have to dream up three fake bizarre Christmas duets. I’m going with B.

  2. poobou said:

    I hope it was D, only because I would really love to hear that.

  3. Sara Leah said:

    Yesterday I saw this Vanity Tag: KRIZMA