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16 Dec 2006

Hey, You!

Written by sally @ 9:25 pm — Section: sally

Last night Larry and I were at Hamil’s, home of the $7 ribs-fried-chicken-mashed-potatoes-black-eyed-peas-sweet-tea-banana-pudding, and I saw a couple leaving who looked familiar. I looked at the woman, then the man, and thought maybe that they were Wendy’s parents — and then I realized who they were: they were Poobou’s parents. I recognized them from her wedding pictures! By the time I figured this out they were already outside, and it was dark, and I didn’t want to harrass them as they were getting into their van. Plus, what would I say that wouldn’t freak them out? Hey, hey you! I’ve seen you! On the internet!

One Response to “Hey, You!”

  1. poobou said:

    My dad probably would’ve been confused. (He still refers to it as “that there Innernet”.) My mom, on the other hand, knows who you are because she’s read this site in the past, and she would’ve been totally psyched if you had said hi.

    Although she did have to throw in the obligatory “oh god, I look so awful in all of those photos, I hate to think that someone recognized me from that!” And my husband wonders where I inherited that fun trait…

    God, I so want some black-eyed peas now.