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27 May 2006

Five Days of Work, One Whole Day to Play.

Written by sally @ 11:52 am — Section: sally

My Saturday consisted of the following:

— going to see X-Men at 10:15 in the morning! (brief review: thanks for killing off, oh, WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE WITHOUT FURTHERING THE PLOT OR FOR ANY EMOTIONAL REACTION)
— going to the fabric store, discovering that it’s going out of business, and therefore buying $17 worth of craft supplies that include, but are not limited to, the following: iron-on letters; pink glitter; tags that say “Specially Handmade for You by Sally”; 400 different colors of embroidery thread.
— going to Hudson’s and buying a J. Crew shirt for $6 — the J. Crew stuff is 90% off, bitch
— eating delicious Pizza Shack pizza
— getting three books from the library: The Year of Magical Thinking, A History of the World in Six Glasses, and Arthur and George
— going to bed at 9:30

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