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21 Dec 2005

gclark, Birthday Boy.

Written by sally @ 11:03 am — Section: sally

Today is gclark‘s birthday again! It keeps happening, like, every year.

So I was thinking of what gclark story I could tell, and these were the candidates:

• that time that I was going to eat one bite of a Snickers bar before going to bed and gclark told me that acids and sugars would creep up my throat and rot my teeth while I slept, so I got up and ran with Snickers in hand to the bathroom, where I ate the Snickers and then stuffed the wrapper under the door, then listened eagerly for his reaction, and to my dismay I discovered that gclark was actually mad at me

• that time we went camping and I drunkenly shot at beer cans with a gun

• that time when we first got drunk together and how, when he opened my front door, saw daylight, and discovered it was six o’clock in the morning, we both completely freaked out

• that time in some class where we were discussing “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” and I mentioned I saw a cartoon that was “The Love Song of J. Alfred Crew” and how gclark, exasperated, sighed heavily, pulled out his Secret Thoughts Notebook, and began scribbling furiously

But I couldn’t decide, so I’m not going to tell any story about him at all. I’ll wish him a happy birthday, though!

7 Responses to “gclark, Birthday Boy.”

  1. gorjus said:

    HA!! Those are great. I can’t list how many bands he turned me on to, or how much passion he has for music. He was one of the first people I ever met who didn’t just love music, but was obsessed with it. That’s what it’s all about.

  2. gclark said:

    thanks sally. i remember all those incidents. the 6am thing was funny, indeed. and i’m still mad that you’d treat yer teef so bad.

    oh, and

    “gclark, exasperated, sighed heavily, pulled out his Secret Thoughts Notebook, and began scribbling furiously”

    i did that a lot when we hung out. haw haw!

  3. sally said:

    I was trying to inspire more exasperated scribbling today — don’t ruin it and say I failed.

  4. poobou said:

    Happy birthday, gclark! I could tell the story of the time we got drunk in Tunica on shots of Aftershock and Natural Light beer, but… honestly, most of that night is a bit fuzzy for me. I mainly remember that you taught me how to play Keno and made fun of my roommate for the type of car she drove. (It was a Plymouth Sundance. And yes, it did deserve mocking.) Good times.

  5. liz said:

    I remember when gclark and I went driving around one night near Christmas and found a nativity scene with a glowing blue baby Jesus and we thought it was the best thing EVER, but then could never find it again when we went to show other people. Good times, gclark. Maybe I made that up, but happy birthday anyway!

  6. Polly said:

    happy birthday!

  7. KoE said:

    Happy birthday! Here’s to the day you and I listened to the newly released Pinkerton, mouths agape, in those funky fourth-floor TA offices. Ah, memories.