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19 Nov 2005

This Week in Television.

Written by sally @ 2:37 pm — Section: sally

DeGrassi Junior High:

Kathleen is a control freak with an eating disorder. Also, Joey Jeremiah is cute.

Gilmore Girls:
Rory and Lorelai make up! I am teary and happy! Then, suddenly, embarrassed that I am so teary and happy over fake people reuniting.

DeGrassi Junior High:
Joey Jeremiah’s band, Zit Remedy, makes a video.
Note: this episode is saved on the tivo if anyone wants to come over and watch it.

Top Model:
Kim gets in trouble for talking bad about everyone and cries. The photo challenge was that all six girls cram their naked selves into a phone booth and then pose. My favorite Top Model moment ever: Lisa farts in the phone booth. And then…gets booted off, even though she takes beautiful pictures and Jayla, the insane elf, takes oogly ones.

Snaw…choo…snaw…choo…then, someone gets murdered, and then someone else gets murdered! And then time catches up with itself, sort of, and the previews for next week look really good. The previews always look really good. The previews are the best part of this show.

Martha Apprentice:
Dumb. However, it is possible that I am in love with Marcela.

DeGrassi Junior High:
LD has leukemia, Kathleen’s boyfriend beats her up, and Michelle and BLT continue their illicit interracial romance.


DeGrassi Junior High:
In a get-well-soon video for LD, a fledgling rap group struggles through a “song” about how cool LD is. The members include 3 black guys and KATHLEEN. I guess she had to do something to boost her self-confidence after that whole anorexia and really bad boyfriend thing.

Just when I think, this show’s going straight into the toilet, something happens and the game totally changes! And the paranoid Georgian got booted off! And when he did he made a plaintive, guttural howl of discontent! It made Gary Hogeboom laugh! And me scream! Between Kathleen’s rap and Jamie’s howl, I have a full and complete television experience.

One Response to “This Week in Television.”

  1. gorjus said:

    That one episode of DeGrassi I watched with you guys was strangely absorbing. I’d never seen it before, and the first thing that struck me was how normal (i.e., ugly) all the kids looked.

    Second, they seemed kind of . . . sad. Not in a fake way, not in a “Very Special Episode of Family Ties Where Alex Starts Taking ‘Pills'” way, but in a genuine, dear Lord I hate this way. V. cool.

    Survivor is heating up! The graybeard may win it all!

    I’ve got some real estate here in my bag.