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8 Nov 2005

“Hey Girlie,” Joey Jeremiah’s Neck, and El Sucko: A List.

Written by sally @ 1:52 pm — Section: sally

I’ve apparently lost the ability to write more than a paragraph about any given thing, so here’s yet another bulleted list of various tidbits, including a brief DL update.

• I’m not sure if y’all are aware, but Noggin (that’s a channel) has started running Degrassi Jr. High. The old one. The real one. I watched four tivo’ed episodes last night and Larry was impressed/frightened by how much of it I remembered. Can I tell you how much I love Joey Jeremiah? He looks like the Italian version of my sophomore-year boyfriend. Last night, while watching the episode where BLT bets Joey he can’t get a date Friday night and then Joey asks Caitlin out and then she finds out it was a bet and she dumps Coke on Joey’s head, I might have said out loud, “I want to lick his neck.” Larry was not impressed.

• The PCBS should’ve picked this instead of ol’ Salman what’s-his-name’s book.

• A few weeks ago Larry and I went to the most disgusting Chinese buffet of all time due to its excessive grease and tastelessness. However, we were entertained by the names of some of the dishes:

–Fried France Fries
–Baby Dragon Bug
–Mayonnaise Crab Mix
–England Chicken
–Bake with Oyster
–Hot Dog Bacon

The only one we sampled was the Baby Dragon Bug, which was a large hunk of soft, white, taffylike, twisted dough. Mmmm.

• Herman Rarebell was recently in a meeting where a 60+ CEO used the phrases “el sucko” and “this is just poo poo” to describe the work presented to him.

• Before we left for Memphis, I told Larry to remind me to shave my legs. I hardly ever need to due to the fact that I am part chihuahua — seriously, I am one hairless creature — so I kept forgetting. So Saturday morning when I went into the bathroom to take a shower, Larry had left a note on the shower curtain that said EWWWW, GROSS! YOUR LEGS ARE SO HAIRY! YOU SHOULD REALLY THINK ABOUT SHAVING THEM.

9 Responses to ““Hey Girlie,” Joey Jeremiah’s Neck, and El Sucko: A List.”

  1. jaysus said:

    sally, the members of the PBCS are not rich. also, we aren’t magicians. i REALLY want to read that book, though.

    ps: i need The Collector Collector back ASAP. long story. get in touch.

  2. vendela said:

    i can vouch for sally’s hairlessness. recently, we were looking at my favorite picture of sally. in it, she’s three years old, and someone has just given her the sesame street neighborhood play set for christmas. she’s so happy in the photo, her hands have gone spastic and her left eye has bugged all the way out of her head. she’s ADORABLE in it. so, i made her make a copy of the picture for me, and now it sits proudly in its frame in my livingroom…but i digress.

    anyway, the other day, sally and i were looking at it, and i said, “aww, sally, look at that cute pixie cut your mama gave you!” and sally said that no, she hadn’t had a haircut; she just didn’t grow a full head of hair until she was six.

    but, i really hope something makes her that happy again, one day.

  3. vendela said:

    oh, and herman and i stayed up till after one watching those degrassi reruns last weekend. spike was getting kicked out of degrassi for getting knocked up, and joey jeremiah was being sent to the principal’s office for sexual harrassment. awesome!

  4. gorjus said:

    Gasp! You went to King Buffett! I can tale because of the Baby Dragon Bug. I thought it was a Chicken Nugget, so I stayed the hell away.

    Larry writes good notes.

  5. sally said:

    We did dare to go to King Buffet. Never again, I tell you, at least not to eat. To collect more hi-larious names of foods, possibly.

  6. beth said:

    The Apprentice! I’d like to read the whole thing. I’m sure the context makes the fact that the bears deflower little girls OK somehow.

  7. larry ferrari said:

    The host/manager asked me how our food was, and I responded with a very polite, “Marginally edible, thank you.”

  8. The Librarian said:

    One of my responsibilities is interlibrary loan (fyi, the book’s not held by a library in Mississippi according to OCLC, but then not all libraries in the state have their holdings made available on it). Anytime there’s a book or author that’s gotten a lot of publicity or in the news, my library will receive a request if we have the book in question. This book has been a popular request this year ever since there was an article about it in the Clarion-Ledger.

  9. The Librarian said:

    Oh, and I’m referring to interlibrary loan requests from other libraries. It looks like there’s a little less than 400 libraries throughout the nation– and three Canadian libraries– that hold copies of “The Apprentice.”