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2 Nov 2005

Wednesday Tidbit-a-Go-Go.

Written by sally @ 3:43 pm — Section: sally

• Larry and I are going to Memphis this weekend for a nonagenarian’s birthday party. It’s Larry’s grandmother’s birthday, but unfortunately, her name isn’t Nana — ’cause it would be rad to go to a nanagenarian’s party instead.

At first it was going to be a surprise party, and then Larry’s mom thought better of it, so now there’s a “ladies’ tea” in the afternoon and then a family dinner. I was cool with the ladies’ tea until I realized that ladies’ tea meant that Larry wouldn’t be there, and instead of being able to raise one eyebrow or open my eyes just a tiny bit wider for comic effect when someone said something funny, I would have to reign it in and be a normal person since I’m going to be hanging out with old ladies who would just ask if I had something in my eye.

• In other news, on Sunday I made the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever made. It’s all about the brown sugar/white sugar ratio. The ones I usually make have equal amounts of each, but this recipe has way more brown sugar. I was going to make dinner as well, but decided that we could just eat cookies instead.

• Did I mention that Mrs. Floon had some twins this morning?

• I am super petty and have decided that Mighty Girl is my arch nemesis after reading about her 30th birthday and the best present ever. I was just telling Larry that when I was 15 I went around saying that I wanted a chartreuse Karmann Ghia, and how, when at 26 I started talking to the boy I dated when I was 15 and he asked if I still wanted a chartreuse Karmann Ghia, I found it incredibly embarrassing. However, if Larry wants to show up on Christmas morning with a chartreuse Karmann Ghia, it would be totally ok by me.

• This article about the word “literally” is literally pretty good.

5 Responses to “Wednesday Tidbit-a-Go-Go.”

  1. gorjus said:

    I thought it was literally, meh.

    Oh, that DL!

    Karmann Ghia’s are very, very small. And they break down a lot. Even more than . . . El Caminos.

    I AM ANGRY BECAUSE YOU DID NOT OFFER TO SHARE COOKYS WITH ME AND THEN YOU BRAGGED ABOUT THEM ON THE INTERNETS. We live .8 miles from each other! If you don’t let me have a cooky next time, please take this as notice that I will SUE YOU. FOR COOKYS.

  2. sally said:

    There are still some cookies left! And I have to make more tonight for a work thing tomorrow, so you’re welcome to come over. However, there will be a spelling test upon entry to my home, so kick that “cooky” to the curb.

  3. Liz said:

    My cousin just got a chartreuse BMW for her 16th birthday. It’s less an issue of jealousy for me than an issue of WTFness mixed with jealousy.

    I have an an original Betty Crocker cook book from 1963 called “The Cooky Book.” Maybe “cookys” are okay for a ladie’s tea.

  4. Liz said:

    Er, make that “ladies'”

  5. gorjus said:

    The The American Heritage® Dictionary says it’s a valid alternate spelling!! Take THAT, OhReallies!